Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pearlesque Box is "Cool for the Summer"

I recently watched the Billboard Music Awards, which is why I have that Demi Lovato song ("Cool for the Summer") stuck in my head. It also sums up the contents of June's Pearlesque Box.

Inside this beautiful turquoise natural beauty subscription box you'll find "Your Summer Essentials from Rhode Island," specially from Farmaesthectics "Fine Herbal Skincare from the Farm." It's a natural luxury skincare line founded by Brenda Brock, the daughter of a 7th generation farming family from Texas. "She made her handmade herbal skincare preparations available to her customers in the summer of 1999 at an organic farmstand in rural Rhode Island. Today, her full line of 100% natural luxury skincare products are offered in the finest spas and retailers in the world ... With an enduring commitment to 'Sustainable Beauty,' all Farmaesthetics skincare products are 100% natural, utilizing time-honored recipes for skin health, and certified organic herbs, flowers, oils and grains from American family farms," according to the information on the card in the box.

The first item that grabbed my attention is this Farmaesthetic Herbal Hydration Complex Remedy Reserve Mask, as you know I love a good facial. "An Earth Day Beauty Award Winner for 'Best 5-Minute Complexion Makeover,' this Herbal Hydration Complex is an advanced, preventative, high level treatment mask to restore, support and maintain proper moisture levels, while eliminating excess oil and boosting skin's defense mechanisms against environmental damage," as stated on the info card. "Use when skin is inflamed, irritated or imbalanced, or simply to treat skin to a calming, beautifying natural reprieve, while bathing tissue in herbal moisture."

I happened to go with the latter, and used it to treat my skin (meaning as a treat, rather than to heal it; although, I bet it would be amazing on a sunburn). Anyway, it's packed with soothing aloe, oatmeal and shea butter, which is a delight when applied to the skin. It has a natural cooling effect, amplified by the lavender and peppermint essential oils. It's a moisturizing mask that doesn't dry, like a clay-based mask. It's very moisturizing, yet clarifying, probably due to the with hazel. It gets it's green color from chlorophyll, which I find to be quite interesting. I love how this mask makes my skin feel. It also worked to remove my makeup and as a substitute for my cleanser.

I like to follow this mask with a spritz or more of the Farmaesthetics Cool Aloe Mist with Lavender and Bergamot. "Featured on ABC's The View as a 'Beach Bag Must-Have' and voted 'Best Post-Workout Skin Freshener' by Fitness Magazine, this simple aloe preparation is a multi-purpose product to restore and protect the skin. Cool Aloe Mist will offer instant relief as well as prevent further drying, peeling, flaking or toughening of the skin tissue."

The summer hasn't quite begun, so I haven't had to use this combination of aloe vera juice, witch hazel, lavender and bergamot essential oils and lecithin on a sunburn. However, my skin just drinks it up when I spray it. It's very refreshing.

The largest product in the box is this Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk, which doesn't actually contain milk. It's a combo of soy oil, calendula, witch hazel, lavender essential oil, beeswax, lecithin, borax and xantham gum. "Voted 'Favorite Organic Product' by Harper's Bazaar beauty editors, this light, luscious, all-over complexion lotion is gentle enough for everyday use on the face, yet powerful enough to use on even the driest skin conditions," according to the info card in the box.

I have used it on my face and was surprised how nourishing it is and how quickly my skin absorbs it. However, I must caution that you not to apply too much or you will end up very slick. The first time I used it on my face, my skin drank it right up. Then, I opted to apply more, which just sat on the surface of my skin. Thankfully, it did not clog my pores and I woke up the next day looking very refreshed. This lotion is also nice on the rest of my skin.

Last, but not least, is the Farmaesthetics Tansynella Organic Bugscreen. According to the info card, "Tansynella is a 100% natural, highly effective, organic specialty oil for use in the bath and on body to repel insects while moisturizing skin. Apply Tansynella directly to body to ward off insects, mosquitoes and black flies."

I don't know about the black flies, but it seems to keep the bugs away when hanging out in the tall grass or outside in the evenings. We've had a lot of rain lately, so there are definitely mosquitoes around here. This will be perfect for watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, as those pesky mosquitoes tend to make a feast out of me each year when I don't wear bug repellant. This combination of sunflower oil, tansy, eucalyptus, citronella, rosemary essential oil and vitamin e is quite luxurious and smells nice, too.

The total value of this particular box is $119, but you can get it by subscribing to Pearlesque Box for $39.95 per month (shipping to the US is free). Pearlesque Boxes are packed with a minimum of 1-2 full-size and 1-3 travel-size skincare and bath & body products from different regions around the world. The previous box contained OSEA Malibu products, like the ones I reviewed not too long ago, so you know this subscription box is good.

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* Pearlesque Box sent me their June box for review. All opinions are my own :)