Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This time it's for real

If you've been reading my blog all along, you may recall my attempt at making knock off raw mallomars quite some time ago.

Now, I would never try to profit off someone else's genius. In fact, with the exception of some samples I offered up to eager taste-testers at work, I kept most of these bad boys to myself. My true motivation was to fulfill my craving for something I thought I may never actually have.

Lucky for me, I was wrong. Thanks to my good buddy Rawbin, I now can finally say I've tasted a real Pure Food and Wine mallomar, and in my own kitchen.

So, how did I accomplish that one? I live many, many miles away from the home of this blissful treat (yes, it is bliss), and lately, I have not felt like traveling that far in my condition.

The answer lies in the hands of a friend. Rawbin carefully transported this gem all the way from New York to Maryland, where she handed it over to yours truly. She even snapped a quick shot of the amazed look on my face as I peaked into the container (that's her photo, so don't expect to see it here on this site). All I could say was, "how did you do that?"

That will probably remain a mystery, but I'm grateful anyway. Thanks Rawbin! You're the best :-)