Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Hayden is a big "Yo Gabba Gabba" fan, and also loves to watch "Cupcake Wars" with me (we even play "Cupcake Wars" with her toy cupcakes and baking sets). Therefore, it's no surprise how excited the two of us are to watch tonight's episode of the Food Network show, which will have a "Yo Gabba Gabba" theme.

In preparation for the big show, we made our own Rawdorable "Yo Gabba Gabba" cupcakes with fruity Foofa and Brobee faces on top. They are Hayden's favorite characters, so we had to make both.

To make these, you can use whatever Rawdorable cupcake base you like, but we selected our basic spice cupcake, which works well for most decorative cupcakes (the ones where the attention is focused more of the decoration rather than the flavor; they tend to be the most kid-friendly). However, we did fill the Foofa one with strawberry puree mixed with date paste and the Brobee one with kiwi puree blended with date paste, as well.

The tops are frosted with some leftover whipped coconut milk "cream" from our last post, because I didn't want to waste it. Otherwise, I would have used the "butterdream" in the freezer.

To decorate the Foofa cupcake, we used a large strawberry half for her face. Then, we cut a chunk out to be her mouth and added another piece of strawberry to be her nose.

I had hoped to leave the green leaves on to represent Foofa's petal collar and use an actual strawberry flower to place on top her head. Since I didn't have a fresh strawberry flower, I opted to use almond halves instead for both, with a golden raisin in the middle of the flower. Lastly, I piped on the dots in her eyes and lashes with some leftover quick and easy chocolate icing, from the last post.

Brobee was decorated in a similar fashion, using a kiwi slice for his green face. The other details were made out of cut strawberry pieces, almond halves and more leftover quick and easy icing. Isn't he cute?

I wonder what tonight's contestants will whip up. Here are some of my other ideas for "Yo Gabba Gabba"-inspired cupcake flavors:

Rainbow Cupcake
(there are some crazy colors on that show)

PB & J Cupcake (Use this cupcake base and fill it
with your favorite pureed fruit mixed with date paste.
It would be so adorable topped
with the flying toast from the show,
who looks like a flying sandwich)


Other fun ideas I found online: