Monday, March 3, 2014

Let It Go, Let It Snow

We are so "Happy" (although that is a good song, too) that "Let It Go" from "Frozen" won Best Original Song at the Oscars last night, as well as being named Best Animated Feature Film. Hayden loves to sing it, as you can see in the photo above. I haven't been showing her face online lately, but since I knew she'd be seen in the following group shot, I made an exception (not to mention the fact that the one I tweeted with her face hidden looked a bit too much like something from "The Blair Witch Project").

#inspiredbyMayhem (the 4-year-old who makes paper dresses with her mom/posts them on Instagram), Hayden and I made this paper dress from "Frozen." Unfortunately, she opted to stay in her "Frozen" pajamas last night, due to the rain (which has turned into a ton of snow; yes, we are all snowed in today). At least she was still representing her favorite flick in our annual Oscar photo, while the rest of us dressed in character.

I dressed as Amy Adam's character from "American Hustle" and posed next to my Clark Kent hubby, who went with the hero theme of the evening (he is my "Man of Steel"). My son Jacob wasn't as psyched about wearing a costume, so he held a guitar and a cat (don't worry; it's a stuffed animal) like Llewyn Davis, while my dad opted to be Bruce Dern from "Nebraska" and Jack was Joaquin Phoenix from "Her."

My sister April and nephew Colin were also representing "Frozen." Colin found a way to make the snowman even cooler, while April took a more glam approach to her character.

My nephew Cameron had the whole Matthew McConaughey thing down, including his "alright, alright, alright." Here he is with his mom (my sister) Lori, who dressed as "Blue Jasmine."

Here is Lori again with her husband Darren, who took the group photo, rather than getting dressed up. He is a behind-the-scenes man.

My mom drew in some darker skinny eyebrows to be "Philomena."

My hubby and I posed for a pic ...

... but later I gave away his true superhero identity.

Oops! We forgot to use the red carpet, but Hayden and Colin made up for it.

As for the food, I brought freeze-dried strawberries in honor of "Gravity," as well as some "The Wolf of Wall Street"-inspired sushi (actually, I made California rolls, minus the rice, by filling hollowed out cucumbers with avocado, carrot and more cucumber) and raw vegan mini "burgers" (almonds, flax, beets, carrots, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, garlic, sea salt and other seasonings) on mushroom buns. Yum!

We also voted on who we thought would win the awards. Since we left before the end, I don't know who got the most correct (that's who gets to pick next week's Sunday dinner). Somehow I don't think it was me, but it still was a fun evening. How did you celebrate the Oscars?


Since posting this morning, Hayden and I made another paper dress that we liked from the Oscar's red carpet. Lupita Nyong'o always looks amazing this awards season, and last night was no exception. She made our best dressed list.

Here is our paper interpretation of her look. It even moves well.

This is how we secured the paper with some ribbon, so she can wear it again. Have you tried making a paper dress? Who was your best dressed of the night?