Tuesday, December 2, 2014

100% Pure Mystery

In my last post, I mentioned 100% Pure was having a worthwhile Black Friday sale. I was lucky enough to purchase one of their sold-out mystery bags. In case anyone is interested, here is what I got in mine.

I selected the Queen Mystery Bag for $30, which was to contain $130 worth of skin care products, including 100% Pure's amazing Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. Since I was in need of more of my favorite eye cream (it really makes you look more awake when you haven't had enough sleep), I figured it was worth spending slightly more to see what was in this mysterious bag.

Actually, it was more than worth the $30 price tag. Not only did I get my coffee bean eye cream and the Red Wine Resveratrol Eye Cream in a generous 0.6 fl. oz. size (this stuff lasts a while, as you only need a little bit), but I got everything you see in the top photo in a 100% Pure reusable fabric tote.

I love both of these eye creams and think they work great together. The coffee bean one tackles dark circles and puffiness, while the red wine resveratrol softens any crow's feet (yeah, I've got those; just means I smile a lot). They absorb nicely, layer perfect under my 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer (I wear Peach Bisque) and don't irritate my sensitive eyes.

Speaking of crow's feet, my aging skin was excited to find even more age-protecting and age-correcting products in my mystery bag, including the Red Wine Resveratrol Scrub and Mask (I love its yummy grape scent and its gentle exfoliating properties), Super Fruits Reparative Cream (this is the first I've tried this one, so it will take some time to review it properly), Vitamin A & CoQ 10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream (this really made my parched skin feel more moisturized last night and into the morning) and the Red Wine Resveratrol Nourishing Cream (yet another silky soft cream).

And that's not all. Also included in the bag for normal to dry skin is this Jasmine Green Tea Tonique, a refreshing toner in a convenient spray bottle (did I mention that the bottle is made of glass?). It's exactly what my skin needs this time of year; it perks up my complexion after a long day in the dry air.

Although my skin is aging and welcoming of good moisturizing products, it sometimes results in the occasional blemish. Therefore, I was happy to also receive the Purity Spot Treatment and Purity Cleanser in my bag. Now that my son is a preteen, he'll probably enjoy them, too.

Lastly, 100% Pure likes to add samples to their orders and this bag was no exception. My sample pack included two Honey Cream Wash Gingerade and a Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo. I've been wanting to try their new hair care line, so this was greatly appreciated, especially since I missed out on the hair care mystery bag (it was only $15).

I really hope 100% Pure does more mystery bags like this in the future. Did anyone else get one? Did anyone get the hair care bag?