Thursday, August 6, 2015

Maracuja Oil does a foundation good

Recently, my daughter Hayden and I visited the 100 Percent Pure store to check out the new Maracuja Oil Air Cushion Foundation (it comes in a cute compact, which can be reused with refill packs). Dana, the store manager, was kind enough to let us test it out in the store.

Just look at the shiny pink compacts lined up in the store window, which represent only three of the six available shades (Alpine Rose, Creme, White Peach, Peach Bisque, Golden Peach and Toffee). I went straight for the Peach Bisque, as that is the shade I wear in my tinted moisturizer and concealer.

Before I could test the product on my skin, my daughter had to check herself out in the mirror. I think she wants the compact for herself.

I'd tell you more about my experience in the store, but since I now have my own Maracuja Oil Foundation at home, I'll explain with more detailed photos. It's a perk of being a 100 Percent Pure Approved Blogger (thanks 100 Percent Pure).

So, let's say goodbye to the lovely Dana. Thanks so much for your in-store demonstration. I hope to see you again soon :)

Back at my house, I took some better pics to show you exactly how this new product works (I know there has been some confusion out there). To start, there is a protective film over the mirror that you'll want to remove, if you actually want to see your reflection.

This is how the product looks when you open the compact to reveal the applicator puff (I actually left the film on the mirror during this photo session to avoid a reflection in the pics).

Beneath the applicator puff is another lid to separate the puff and mirror from the foundation. Lift the lid to reveal the instructions, as shown above.

After you remove the instruction sticker, you'll see the fresh, clean cushion. The liquid foundation (I've been asked if this is a liquid or a powder) is under this cushion, as you can see it faintly showing along the edge.

When you press this cushion with your finger, the provided applicator puff or other makeup sponge, the foundation makes its way up through the cushion. You can apply a thin layer of this sheer foundation (it's very sheer, so I'd recommend it to those who prefer a tinted moisturizer over a full coverage foundation) or build it for more coverage, although still on the sheer side. I personally like to use a little of my concealer on my nose and under my eyes, which blends beautifully with this foundation (I think the Maracuja Oil softens the concealer and prevents it from settling into fine lines; usually I mix my concealer with my eye cream for that very reason).

This foundation is very moisturizing and some reviewers have complained about it being too oily. I used the new Mattifying Primer under it, which kept my skin looking fresh and balanced all day (no oil slick here). I even think my skin looks softer and smoother when I wash it off in the evening.

Honestly, I think this foundation is excellent for those that just want to a natural look and aren't trying to cover up anything. It makes you appear more polished. If you are a tinted moisturizer kind of girl, this may be your new tint.

Speaking of a new tint, I finally got my hands on the Vitamint Fruit Pigmented Sheer Lip Color in Dragon Fruit (I reviewed the other five colors when they first were released).

Here's a swatch of this lovely hue, which reminds me of all those trendy smoothie bowls.

Finally, here's what it looks like on my lips. It's very pretty. It's the perfect pop of pink for summer.

Have you tried the new Maracuja Oil Air Cushion Foundation or this pretty Dragon Fruit Vitamint? Let me know what you think on Twitter at @Rawdorable or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

*100 Percent Pure sent me these products for review. All opinions are my own.