Thursday, March 3, 2016

Shine bright like a gem w/Precious Skin Elixirs

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive this Onyx Purity Mask and Rose Quartz Balancing Hydrosol from Precious Skin Elixirs. I'm enjoying them so much that I had to tell you more about them.

To start, Precious Skin Elixirs was founded by the gorgeous Marissa (pictured above; the photo was snagged from the Precious Skin Elixirs website). She suffered with hormonal acne during her second pregnancy, so she sought a way to heal her skin naturally in the form of a luxurious self care routine with a conscience. Her background as a artist, jeweler and entrepreneur help her bring her vision of a natural luxury skincare line to life. After years of testing and formulating, Precious Skin Elixirs was born.

According to the website, Precious Skin Elixirs is "beautifully innovative and effective holistic skin care, designed to delight the spirit, tempt the senses and reveal your best skin. We source with intention, choosing organic, wild-crafted, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients. We do not use fillers. Every product in our line is a concentrated, carefully balanced formulation to deliver radiant results. We do not use petroleum, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, carcinogens, GMO ingredients, or ingredients that have been sprayed with pesticides."

Now I like the sound of that, so I was more than happy to test out the Precious Skin Elixirs Onyx Purity Mask.

"Not your typical face mask. Onyx is a profound skin treatment that dives deep into pores to detoxify, calm inflammation and speed heal blemishes. Impurities are coaxed out of skin while an infusion of minerals, Vitamin C, and a blend of adaptogenic herbs brightens, rejuvenates underlying connective tissue, and delivers vital nutrients for a balanced, glowing complexion. Onyx is water activated, releasing its potency upon each use," as stated on the site.

It's definitely not your typical face mask, as you can see in my Instagram pic from the other day. The dark color is a bit intimidating (it's also quite messy, so don't wear white when you use this), and it has this cool fizzy effect when you mix it with water (it must be the sodium bicarbonate). Don't worry; it doesn't continue to fizz on your face. Instead, it's quite calming and can be worn up to an hour without irritation (at least it didn't irritate my sensitive skin). The scent is relaxing and quite yummy, too. It smells like raw cacao, licorice, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

Once dry, you can rinse it off at any time (up to an hour after application, according to the directions). I carefully splash it off and then use a washcloth (not a pale one) to ensure I remove it all. To my surprise, this mask leaves my skin soft, not parched. It draws out impurities and leaves my skin smooth and tone. I think it's perfect for someone like me, who's battling wrinkles and the occasional blemish at the same time.

The Rose Quartz Balancing Hydrosol is a luxurious follow-up to the mask. Precious Skin Elixirs encourages customers to "indulge in the healing properties of pure botanical distillates that soothe and balance the skin. This delightful synergy restores skin to an optimum state of hydration any time of day with the delicate scent of soft florals and honeyed tea."

The floral scent is very romantic. I find myself spraying this hydrosol throughout the day to give my skin that dewy glow and to get a whiff of its intoxicating smell. It's very moisturizing, yet keeps my skin clear with witch hazel and citrus. I find it interesting that it contains colloidal silver, which is sometimes found in products claiming to boost immunity. Although this product can be applied with a cotton round, I prefer to mist it directly on my face (and hair and everywhere else it may land). Oh, and did I mentioned that it's great for setting your makeup?

Precious Skin Elixir products come in generous-size energetic violet glass bottles that protect and enhance what's inside. They may seem a bit pricey, but you really get what you pay for. If it seems like too much of an investment at first, you may want to consider purchasing some of the trial sizes, which is a more affordable way to take them for a test drive.

Have you used Precious Skin Elixirs? Which product or products would you try? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Precious Skin Elixirs sent me these products. All opinions are my own :)