Thursday, August 18, 2016

FLB Sunchild illuminates from head to toe

If you've been following me on Instagram, you already know how obsessed I am with this Free Love Beauty Sunchild Illuminating Oil for Body & Hair. (as well as the photography in the new Herewith magazine; the background of this photo is from the inside of the premiere issue). For those of you who just catch up with me on the blog, here's what you've missed, and for everyone, I've included more info about Lauren of Free Love Beauty and the story behind the brand.

Lauren is this stunning wife, mom of two, licensed esthetician and make up artist (yes, I totally snagged these gorgeous pics from her site), and the amazing woman behind Free Love Beauty. FLB (Free Love Beauty, of course) actually started as a blog, where she shared her passion for green beauty products and still highlights other brands that she loves.

Her young son (this kid is so cute) was the true inspiration for the site, as he's battled OMS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome) along with Stage 1 Neuroblastoma, which is a rare children’s cancer. During this time, Lauren learned a lot about cancer, OMS, medicine and lifestyle changes they could make for the better by going green. Her Free Love Beauty blog provides information she's learned about green beauty, as well as some updates on her son's journey with OMS.

"I am going to show you how to FREE your skin of the bad and LOVE your skin for the good, the green way," says Lauren on her site.

Lauren's latest way to love your skin the green way is with these two Free Love Beauty oils, made with love by her (again, this photo is from her site, taken by the talented Erika of Erika G Photography). After a few years of blending and working with different ingredients, she recently made her best potions, Moonchild and Sunchild, available for sale on her Etsy page.

Lauren created her Free Love Beauty Moonchild Restorative Oil for Face, Hair & Body (photo from her site) over a year ago to use on her then 6-month old daughter to treat the bad eczema on her arms and thighs. Plain coconut oil and other non-toxic lotions weren't working, so Lauren used her knowledge of natural oils to formulate this multi-tasking gem that calmed her skin almost immediately. This highly-concentrated combination of organic pomegranate oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil, lavender essential oil and non-GMO tocopherols can be used from head to toe as is or mixed into your favorite lotion, moisturizer, etc.

Personally, I had been lusting over Lauren's Free Love Beauty Sunchild Illuminating Oil for Body & Hair since she first started posting about it on her Instagram page. Lucky for me, she sent me a bottle to try (she seriously is the sweetest).

This illuminating oil is like liquid gold. It's a highly-concentrated combination of organic rosehip oil, organic grape seed oil, mica and non-GMO tocopherols that shimmers and shines, as you can see here. Lauren spent a lot of time perfecting the perfect honey golden hue that would provide a good sparkle, while evening skin tone and adding a hint of color to the skin.

Although concentrated, this shimmer is quite subtle when either applied lightly (I like to treat this as liquid gold, using it ever so sparingly) or combined with your favorite body product. I wish it showed up better in photos, but in person the color and shine is simply perfection. My hubby loves when I wear it.

I love to add a drop or two to my lengthy locks, especially since all the beach and pool time have been quite harsh on my hair this summer. It instantly brings my hair back to life with its lightweight moisture and shine.

This little bottle has Lauren written all over it. I can tell she poured her heart and soul into these potions, but this one makes me think of her the most. She's a beauty, both inside and out. Thanks to her, we can all look and feel like California girls, too.

On another note, I briefly mentioned this Herewith magazine at the beginning of this post. I just adore the photography in this premiere issue, as well as the stories about the locations and people featured in it. Whether you surf or not, this collection of beach culture and fashion is a treat for the eyes.

What's your favorite beach location? Do you have a favorite green beauty product to tame your summer salty locks and sun-parched skin? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and /or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Although I was sent this Free Love Beauty oil and Here With magazine,
all opinions are my own :)