Sunday, June 1, 2008

Going bananas!

If it weren't for this picture book by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers, I'd be tempted to say that I'm turning into a guerrilla. But as this cover suggests, a dog might be a more accurate description (do dogs actually like bananas?).

Now, all silliness aside (well, just for a moment), don't worry about me; I am still human. It's just that I've been eating quite a large quantity of this yellow packable/peelable fruit (I just love when nature provides its own compostable packaging).

I put them in my a.m. smoothies, sliced in fruit salad or my raw cereal bowl, processed into a simple banana-based n'ice cream, served up frozen on a stick (plain or embellished in chocolate, nut butter and/or a sprinkling of crushed nuts or cacao nibs - yum!) or just toted along as a quick and easy snack. There is no limit to the number of ways one can consume this versatile fruit.

But, how do you know when you've had too much? Have I overdosed on my current favorite ingredient (although the piles of bananas in the pic are perfectly speckled and ripe, not one of them will go to waste and end up past its prime)?

I was beginning to wonder yesterday when I found myself going back to some primitive ways (maybe I am a little like an ape, since I've also been indulging in a ton of greens). You see, there was a big storm (we actually got some hail - something I haven't seen, make that heard, in years), which knocked our electricity out (it's amazing how much we have grown to depend on it).

Without electricity, it began to get really warm inside our home on this 80-something degree day. To make matters worse, we had recently worked up a sweat exercising and were unable to shower without electric.

So, what did we do? When the weather calmed down to just a steady rain (no more lightening and hail), we ran outside scantily clad (my son and hubby in their shorts and me in my bikini) in hopes of cooling off and rinsing away some of our not-so-fresh sheen (It's funny, but I actually did feel a little fresher and cooler after that).

While we were out there goofing off and shaking a tail feather (now, I sound like some sort of bird), we, or in this case I, had some spectators (who would of thought anyone else would've been crazy enough to go out in this stuff?), which my hubby took his time pointing out. He and Jacob were concealed around the back of the house, while I was in plain view on the side.

Just my luck; while my back was turned, someone else was turning around their vehicle right in front of our house. My husband thought nothing of it until mentioning the fact that this vehicle was having trouble making its "20-point turn." How embarrassing :-)

Oh well, at least we had fun and were able to get a real indoor shower later that evening, thanks to Matthew's parents, who had power (they only live a couple streets over). It's nice to be clean. I sleep much better that way :-)

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