Saturday, May 24, 2008

My treat

I've been so busy lately that I had to take some time for myself. Tuesday was a special treat for me, as I made the decision to not live by my watch and just enjoy the day (my sister was nice enough to pick up my son from preschool and look after him while I was gone - thanks Lori!).

So, what did I do with this free time? Well, to start, I finally used the gift certificate I got back at Christmas for a much needed full body massage (thank you T.T.!). I felt very relaxed after that; it is amazing how you don't really realize exactly how tense your body is until the tension is gone.

Next, I went shopping, something I rarely have the time to do by myself. When I do shop, I usually have to just grab what I need/want, pay for it and get out of there. But, this time was different.

I know it sounds cashew cheesy, but I felt like Pretty Woman. I purchased some clothes from Martin & Osa, where I basically had the store to myself and all of the sales staff tending to my needs. They brought me a water and informed me about the call button in the dressing room (sometimes I think I'm so simple, ha ha).

After some retail therapy, I decided to get something to eat, so I made my way to the food court to check out the salad place on the corner. When I have my son with me, I end up picking a spot more suited to him, but this time, I could go wherever I wanted.

Now, there isn't anything over-the-top about the place I selected; it just catered well to the raw foodie. It had a menu full of salad and wrap combinations, but also allowed you to build your own out of fresh ingredients (no wilted lettuce here).

To start, I was able to choose from iceberg, romaine, mixed greens and spinach as the base of my salad. I, of course, selected mixed greens. Then, I had them toss in cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, artichoke hearts (not raw, but I love them), walnuts and avocado. It was all mixed with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Yummy.

Recharged with that tasty salad, I did my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, where I also treated myself to these lovely flowers (I'm a big fan of Gerber daisies). The bright orange color complimented the organic peaches and sweet apricots I also picked up while I was there.

Then, I headed home to see my boys, who allowed me to relax at home, too. I now feel refreshed :-)


Charissa said...

Sounds like a beautiful day! Sigh...I want to have a day like that. You are too lucky to have a Trader Joe's nearby.

HiHoRosie said...

Sounds absolutely lovely!

Kristen's Raw said...

I love the idea of not wearing a watch :)

RawBin said...

ahaha! I loved the salad video best! It sounds like a nice pleasant day.I wondered about you on since I wasn't sure if you'd have the day off for the holidays, but it sounds like you had a self lavished holiday. I'm glad you had a chance to do just that. How great!

shannonmarie said...

It was a lovely day. I hope to have more of those in my future.

Kristen, I especially liked having a watch-free day. Normally I would stress about the time, but without any obligations, I was able to fully enjoy this experience.

Rawbin, I was also entertained by the salad video. It reminded me of something my sister and her husband would make. Hope you had fun for your holiday, too.