Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are you up for the challenge?

Yeah me! I did make it down to the farmers market last night, where I was handed this flier about the "Buy Local Challenge."

Here's how it works:

Who? Every family in Maryland is encouraged to take the "Buy Local Challenge!"

What? The "Buy Local Challenge" is a voluntary pledge to include locally-grown products in your meals for one week (July 19-27, 2008).

Where? Stock up at your local farms, farm stands and markets that offer genuine local products, and dine at restaurants featuring local farm food and wine.

Why? When you get a taste of fresh, delicious, farm-grown products, you'll want to buy from your local farmers all year!

How? You'll find directories of farms and markets, plus recipes, tips and much more at

You don't have to be in Maryland to participate. All you have to do is aim to eat at least one item from a local farm every day.

I made sure to stock up this week on local fruits and veggies. Here is some of my Maryland-grown produce (the blackberries were actually from one of the ladies at church. They're so good).

I'm off to a good start with a cantaloupe (including the seeds), spinach, cinnamon and vanilla bean green smoothie, although I was tempted to make a soup. One of the stands was actually selling cold cantaloupe and peach soup. Yum. Too bad it contained yogurt (now was that really necessary?).

I continued the challenge with a dish I made up using the lovely lilac pepper, Japanese eggplant and cucumber pictured at the top of this post. I'll tell you more about it soon ;-)


yardsnacker said...

Great Shannon Marie! I went to the farmers market too and harvested some romaine from my's that for local?

Ok what do I win?


shannonmarie said...

You're doing better than me. I wish I had some fresh greens from my garden. Actually, I just wish I had a green thumb to grow anything.

What's your prize? Being able to enjoy such wonderful produce, of course :-)