Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peachmato Salad?

Sounds like a recipe from "Chowder," one of the cartoons my son likes to watch on Cartoon Network (okay, so maybe I enjoy viewing it, too. I guess that's how I know Chowder would have made his out of slomatoes). It's actually a lunch I tossed together over the weekend out of items I purchased at the local farmers market.

To make this silly sounding dish, I sliced some peach and tomato wedges (I was surprised at how much I loved this combination after trying it in this beverage), and tossed them together with some balsamic vinegar, EVOO, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and torn mint leaves. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Due to the simplicity of this dish, it's very important to get the best tasting ingredients possible, and what better way to do that than to buy local. My peaches were picked that very day, and the farmer who sold me the tomatoes (pesticide-free, of course) was able to tell me about all the varieties he had for sale (I was allowed to pick and chose a mix of my favorites, one of them being a peach tomato, which was perfect for this salad).

I've been doing my best to support the local farmers lately. Now, I haven't gone as far as to try a local diet (I could never give up my bananas), but I make an effort to go to the market near my house every week. I even plan to base most of my meals around what is available around here. It's a little difficult, since you never know what you're going to get. It just makes meal planning more interesting.

I hope to make it to the farmers market again tomorrow. I wonder what I'll get? Maybe I'll treat myself with a pesticide-free bouquet of flowers.

Last week, I got this all natural bug repellent. It might not sound like anything special to most people, but take it from someone who gets bit a lot, this spray really is nice.


Nature Deva said...

Sounds to me like you do a mostly local, seasonal diet. I also don't want to give up my bananas and macadamia nuts but I go to my farmer's market every week and grow a big garden, too.

It's definitely more difficult being all local when eating a raw vegan diet but I feel if I'm doing mostly local and seasonal then it's better than not doing it at all!

I love your recipes - especially the dessert ones you come up with!

Anonymous said...

Blog hopping today-that looks wonderful! I just got done posting that I shouldn't be blog hopping on raw food sites because of all the wonderful looking food and then I see this! lol I'm getting VERY hungry now ,but I can't stop reading blogs :) :)

I wish I had a blog listed on here for when you leave a comment, but mine is on bravejournal :( So I guess I have to leave it here, if you are interested it's at

shannonmarie said...

Nature Deva, I try to eat seasonally most of the time. The food I eat is much heavier in the colder months than it is this time of year.

As for local, it doesn't work out so well during the winter, but this time of year, I really take advantage of the farmers markets and roadside stands. I wish they were around all the time.

Thanks for the compliment :-)

punkeallie21, I checked out your site. So, I see you are switching to blogger. I'll have to stop by again soon.

yardsnacker said...

I love local. It always has such a good vibe to it. The peach and tomato must try that. Today I had blueberries and grapes and was amazed! Keep on rawkin!


shannonmarie said...

Thanks, Sam. I got some really flavorful blueberries from the farmers market, too. Oh how I wish they had some grapes :-)