Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet tart spirulina smoothies x2

Most of you probably already know that I'm a big spirulina fan (I even included it in that Spontaneous Superfood Hot Chocolate from the other day), so you can imagine how excited I was when Nutrex Hawaii offered to send me some of their product. I had entered a contest on Charissa's Colourful Palate blog to try to win it, and although I wasn't selected as the official winner, I still managed to get a prize :-)

Nutrex never asked for anything in return (although they may have been hoping to make me their newest customer), but I thought it was worth mentioning their kindness (Traci, who contacted me, is such a sweetheart; her kids like to eat banana-based spirulina n'ice cream just like my little lady), generosity and excellent product. It's fresh, good quality, free of pesticides and pollutants (it's cultivated in a Biosecure Zone in Kona Hawaii), and comes in dark glass bottles.

Traci offered to send me either the spirulina powder or the tablets. To my surprise, she sent both (thank you!). I tend to use the powder the most in smoothies, raw puddings, soups, etc. (Nutrex has a yummy spirulina guacamole recipe worth trying), but I also like to carry the tablets in my purse for quick pick-me-up when my energy is low, as well as to blend into smoothies when I'm out of the powder (as if I'd ever let that happen).

For those of you who want to incorporate spirulina in your diet for the vitamins, minerals, protein, etc., but don't enjoy the flavor (or even if you do), I thought I'd post two of my favorite simple spirulina smoothies that are both sweet and tart. These combinations really pack a flavorful punch.

First up, you'll need some grapefruit (only the juice and the pulp; I use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and then squeeze the juice into my blender), frozen strawberries, fresh mint and spirulina, of course.

I blended the grapefruit, berries and mint until smooth, and then stirred in the spirulina, similar to Charissa's trick (although you could blend it in, too). I garnished it with some fresh mint.

For the next smoothie, the ingredients are frozen pineapple, lime (remove the peel before adding to the blender), fresh cilantro, spirulina, and just enough water to help it blend.

I sprinkled some extra spirulina on top (because I don't mind the flavor) and garnished it with more fresh cilantro. Yum!

Who else loves spirulina? How do you enjoy it?