Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ginger snow

One of my fellow Tone It Up members recently tweeted a question about how does one add fresh ginger to smoothies. If you have a high-speed blender, a knob of fresh ginger easily can be blended in as is, but if you don't, I have the perfect solution.

Although I have both a Blendtec and a Vitamix (I treated myself to the Pro 750 recently), I still like to grate ginger root into my blender container. Since I always keep some in my freezer, it's easy to grate on a microplane to make "ginger snow" in my smoothies.

For example, I added some ginger snow to the grapefruit and fresh mint leftover from making my sweet tart spirulina smoothies, along with frozen banana, raw cocoa butter (that can be grated in, as well) and a splash of almond milk. I guess you can call it a White Chocolate Mint w/Grapefruit & "A Kick" (from the ginger, of course; reminds me of this blast-from-the-past recipe of mine). I call it delicious!

Do you make "ginger snow?"


On another note, I dropped my camera the other day and broke it for good this time. Luckily, I got another one for Christmas (Matthew's uncle was kind enough to buy it for me, after hearing me complain about all the issues I was having with the old one). Now, I need to get used to it. I wonder if it has a YouTube setting?