Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feels like summer

The temps are heating up and the humidity is increasing. It definitely feels like summer around here, especially yesterday, when my latest Eco Emi arrived in the mail. The summer-themed box was one of the best I've received so far.

As usual, Hayden and I made our unboxing video, right before heading out for her dance class. She has dance pictures today and a crazy recital week (rehearsals and two performances) coming up soon.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here's what we got in this month's box:

Assorted Nail Polish by Suncoat Girl: Hayden and I are definitely girlie girls, who enjoy a pretty mani-pedi every once and a while. We love the fact that this kid-friendly nail polish is water-based and odor-free. We received a pale orange color (Delicious Peach), perfect for summer and my warm skin tone (it looks like a soft nude shimmer on my nails). It glides on evenly and is easy to apply. I just wished it dried a bit faster on Hayden's nails (she's a bit impatient sometimes). However, it's so simple to remove; just soak your nails in warm water and peel away the polish (seriously, it works; Hayden and I tried it).

Vegan Assorted Natural Mascara by Suncoat: I'm so happy this mascara came in this month's box. Mascara is probably my "desert island" makeup product. You can barely see my lashes without it. However, this particular mascara has Hayden's name written on it this time (although I may have to purchase one of my own). It is natural, sugar-based, vegan and "kind to sensitive eyes." I finally have a mascara I can use on Hayden for her dance pictures tonight, as well as her recital (makeup is required, including black mascara). Although this mascara is not waterproof (no tears baby girl), it should resist smudging.

Mongo Kiss Honey Vanilla Lip Balm by Eco Lips: In our video, I failed to mention that this lip balm is made by Eco Lips. It amazes me how many varieties of lip balms they make, especially since I seem to love them all. This one is no exception. It smells lovely and is a nice chunky size for little hands to grip (Hayden is a big fan of natural lip balms). It's cruelty-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, USDA organic, fair trade certified, manufactured with 100% renewable energy, and the tubes and caps are made out of recycled materials.

Pink Champagne Powder Eyeshadow by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques: Now you know I'm a big fan of all the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques I have received in past Eco Emi boxes. This pink champagne color gives a rosy glow for summer and is just right for daytime wear. The best part is that it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. Hayden even tested it out. Oh, and did I mention it came in a full-size container?

AquaSport SPF 30 Sunscreen by All Terrain: In the summer, I gotta have my sunscreen. This one looks like it can handle a day at the beach or even the pool. It claims to be non-greasy, both water and sweat resistant, and the best part, won't cause eye sting. Hallelujah! ("Hallelujah, I Love Her So" just happens to be Hayden's dance recital song, if you were wondering). I can't wait to try it at Hayden's end-of-the-year preschool picnic this week.

Herbal Armor Insect Repellent by All Terrain: There are a lot of mosquitoes where we live, which reminds me of one of Hayden's current favorite flicks, "Lilo and Stitch" (Did you know aliens sent mosquitoes to Earth, because they are an endangered species that need humans to feed? Did I also mention this information is from an animated Disney film? Ha ha). Anyway, this insect repellent will be appreciated while watching the fireworks this summer. The mosquitoes certainly come out to feast then.

Pomegranate Bars by Athena Bars: This is the third Athena bar to come in an Eco Emi box (the other two were blueberry and pumpkin spice). Each bar contains two servings of fruits and veggies, 40 antioxidants, 10 grams of protein and also probiotics. Since I opt for vegan or "bee-gan" bars, I haven't sampled these for myself, but I hear they are really good.

Assorted Lotion and Hair Care Items by Beauty Without Cruelty: This company is vegetarian, natural, and of course, cruelty-free. I received their Rosemary Mint Tea Tree Conditioner, which is exactly what I wanted. I always seem to get samples of shampoo, but rarely any conditioner. This one is clarifying, yet moisturizing, and adds body to my fine hair. I think I could get away with using it without shampoo.

Seaweed Powder Bath with Hawaiian Kukui Oil in Lavender Scent by The Seaweed Bath Co.: I have to thank Eco Emi for introducing me to The Seaweed Bath Co. products. I highly recommend the shampoos and conditioners. They are a bit pricey, but they do wonders for my hair. I also like the powder baths, although my sister thought she smelled like she had bathed in the sea after using it. Maybe she'd prefer this lavender-scented one.

Anyway, that's what was in this month's box. Now we need to come up with a follow-up DIY. Have a lovely day!