Sunday, May 12, 2013

Having a Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you are having a good one. I sure am.

My hubby and kids presented me with these lovely flowers, along with some sexy heels I had been wanting and my favorite Endangered Species Chocolate. For a moment, I thought it was Valentine's Day again. It's nice to be loved.

Hayden also gave me a gift she made in her preschool class. I remember the days when Jacob would do the same. I can't believe Hayden is old enough now to be creating something special for me without my help (although I'm sure her teacher did some of it; thank you Ms. Penny). I just love the adorable way this work of art incorporates her tiny little fingerprints. There's no doubt they are hers.

As usual, I crafted some gifts for my mom (Nana) and grandmother (Granny). In a past post, I asked for advice, while making a piece of jewelry for my mom (her most requested gift from me). Here is the finished bracelet, using both the chain and the pink ribbon to jazz it up a bit. Thank you Jocelyn for your input. I think she'll really like it, along with some J.R. Watkins products I got her (her family is from Minnesota, near the J.R. Watkins company) and nail care stuff.

Also from that past post, Hayden and I decided to give Granny the flower we made as part of our latest Eco Emi DIY. She's the one that taught me to upcycle. Can you believe she's been saving odds and ends others perceive as trash for years and transforming them into new treasures? I wrote a note to her (she is a huge fan of handwritten notes) about how much I appreciate her teaching us this concept and showing everyone how to see the beauty in all things.

I actually got to see Granny at my cousin Holly's baby shower yesterday. Here she is checking out some photos with my mom (her daughter). I thought it was a sweet moment worth sharing.

They may have been looking at a photo of my mom with me and my sisters (Lori and April). It was nice to get a pic of all of us together.

I'll be seeing Lori and my mom at Sunday dinner tonight (April, you will be missed). I'm anxious to have some of the kale salad my mom tossed together before bed last night (so it could marinate and she wouldn't have to make it on Mother's Day). I had sent her this yummy Tone It Up recipe for her to try, but she decided to go more tropical and make one with mango. Yum!

It reminds me of the kale salad I made in this past post, when Hayden was just a baby (for those of you reading my blog for the first time, the pic below is of Hayden in that old post; she has grown quite a bit since then). I might have to make it this week. So good.

 Happy Mother's Day! :-)