Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy New Year everyone! I know we are already a week into the new year, but I still wanted to wish you a happy one.

I finally got to taste the delicious Strawberry Caramel Buddha that was free with my latest Coracao Confections order (yes, I am a bit addicted to their yummy truffles). A limited quantity were sent out with orders placed the last week of 2014 to see if customers would ask for more. I think this flavor should be added for sale on the site. The filling is "berry" sweet and reminds me of Coracao's superfruit bar that was only available for a short time (I wish they'd sell that bar in truffle size). Gotta love it!

I'm also loving my latest red lipstick, 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick in Poppy. It actually keeps my lips hydrated in this harsh winter weather, and it lasts all day. It looks great with the company's Pretty Naked Palette (unfortunately, I can't find it on the site anymore, but it contains a luminescent powder, pretty naked powder blush and eyeshadow in flaxseed, toffee and chestnut), which is perfect for creating a subtle eye in contrast to a bright red lip.

Lastly, my household is loving our first snow for the year, although the kids still had school (don't worry; I took them sledding later in the day). I got to test out my new boots as we trekked to the bus stop and back.

What are you loving lately?