Thursday, November 19, 2015

Color me a Pure Kitten, Mermaid or Princess

I've been so excited about the new 100 Percent Pure palettes in Sex Kitten, Mermaid and Punk Princess. You may have seen me repost some of Fashionchicsta's swatches on Instagram a month or so ago, but now I can post my personal review.

As you can see, I had a ton of fun on this rainy day coming up with a creative way to swatch these palettes. I felt as though I'm one of the last bloggers to get around to posting mine, so I wanted to make this review more memorable.

Let's start with the Sex Kitten palette, which comes in a feminine pink palette with naughty lace details. I also got this vegan, cruelty-free short-handle eyeshadow brush #1 (a $10 value), as well as a fluffy blush brush #11 (it's worth $18) to purr-fectly apply the product (a set of these two brushes comes free with each palette).

Inside the Sex Kitten palette is (from left to right) a Luminescent Powder in Sexy (it's a pale porcelain shade that looks like light on your skin), Allure Blush (a warm peachy pink), and eyeshadows in Risque (a golden yellow that is purr-fect for a base color and/or highlighting your brow bone), Provocateur (a soft taupe/light brown) and Cat Eyes (a shimmery charcoal gray with a touch of purple).

Rather than photographing traditional swatches, I opted to sketch out a cartoon model for each palette and color them with the shadows, blush and luminescent powder. Above is a cartoon kitty with an outfit and ears colored with Cat Eyes, hair shaded with Provocateur, a Risque heart on her necklace, an Allure choker and inside of her cat ears, and a Sexy skin tone. I also used the blush as blush and lipstick, and used the eyeshadows on her eyelids.

I was most anxious to try the Mermaid palette, since I'm a big fan of anything mermaid (it must be the long flowing hair and the shell bikini top). This palette has the most beautiful green, blue and yellow scale print and mermaid tale silhouette on the packaging.

Inside the Mermaid palette is a Luminescent Powder in Siren (it's more of a golden bronze shade that looks good with a tan or a warm skin tone like mine), a Blush in Coral (that's pretty self explanatory, although it has more pink in it than the Allure blush from the Sex Kitten palette), and eyeshadows in Shell (a light greenish bronze, which reminds me of lost treasure at the bottom of the sea), Sea Glass (a seaweed green) and Star Fish (a deep purple which adds more contrast to your finished look).

Of course, I sketched out a mermaid to test out the colors (I have worn them on my face, as well; they are all quite lovely). Her skin tone is Siren, her starfish hair clip and seashell top are in Coral, the top of her hair and waistline of her tail are in Shell, her tail and mid-length of her hair is in Sea Glass and her pearls are in Star Fish. I used both Coral and Star Fish to finish off the length of her hair. I also applied the blush as her blush and lipstick, and used the eyeshadows on her eye lids.

The Punk Princess palette is purple with a lace pattern. The outside looks more pretty than punk ...

... but when you open it, you reveal the darkest eyeshadow of the bunch (see the far right). Before I get too ahead of myself, let's start with the "princessy" shades. The Acoustic Luminescent Powder is a creamy shimmer that falls in between the other two Luminescent Powders in color. Next up is the Blush in Sold Out, which is the darkest pink blush of the bunch, although not overwhelming (it's also a tad on the warm side). The lighter two eyeshadows are Boyfriends Band (a pale yellow shimmer that shows up much better on your skin than paper) and Private Show (a light brown that gives just the right amount of shine). To amp up your look, the Unplugged eyeshadow is dark gray (although it appears black in the palette) that's exactly what a Punk Princess needs to create a dramatic smokey eye.

This Punk Princess sketch has a Acoustic complexion, Sold Out hair, a plaid skirt colored with Boyfriends Band and Private Show, and an Unplugged bodice. I used the blush for her blush and lipstick, and the eyeshadows on her eye lids.

I have to say that I love all the palettes. The colors are highly pigmented and show up well on my skin. Although I thought the Mermaid palette would be my fave, I find that I'm leaning more toward the Sex Kitten palette this time of year.

Which palette is your favorite? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* As a 100 Percent Pure Approved Blogger, I was sent these palettes for review.
All opinions are my own.