Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spa day, anyday w/Margc Cherry Daily Facial

Recently, I discovered Margc Cherry on Instagram. It's a 100% natural and chemical-free hair and skin care line, derived from oils, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables from all around the world. Lucky for me, Margc Cherry sent me a generous sampling of the facial products in this Daily Facial Routine Mini Set, which can be purchased off the site for a very reasonable price. It's a wonderful way to test out six of the products, as well as being able to experience a relaxing and refreshing at-home facial.

I just love how the set includes step-by-step instructions to help walk you through your facial routine, starting with this Lavender Milk Cleanser. It's "a rich non-lathering deep cleanser that will cleanse away makeup and any impurities. Ingredients, such as lavender and yucca root, create a thick milky texture that helps soothe, hydrate and cleanse the skin, without stripping it from its essential oils."

Although entirely plant-based, this cleanser really does have a thick, rich, milky texture that soothes my skin and easily removes my makeup. I simply massage it all over my face, making circular motions for a few minutes. Then, I gently wipe it away with a soft cloth, leaving my skin prepped for the rest of the process. I also enjoy its calming scent.

Once my makeup is removed, it's on to step 2, when exfoliation is in order (once or twice a week). I must say that this face scrub is quite a treat. "Green Tea Lemongrass Face Scrub has a walnut-shell foaming texture that is perfectly designed for home care. Easy to use, this exfoliant eliminates dead ashy skin and stimulates blood circulation."

Only a small amount is needed of this vibrant in both color and aroma face scrub. I adore the smell of lemongrass, which is perfectly paired with the green tea. I like to massage this scrub all over my face and neck, taking full advantage of its scrubbing power and light foaming action. The walnut shell pieces are quite fine, but there's a lot of them, which makes this scrub very effective. It's also easy to wash away with warm, followed by cold water.

Next up are the Mint Cucumber Face Wash and Basil Lavender Rejuvenating Toner. When I'm not doing the complete spa facial experience, I actually like to start the routine with these products, especially since the Mint Cucumber Face Wash seems to be a great match for my skin. It reminds me of 100 Percent Pure's cucumber cleanser with its light cucumber scent, liquid-consistency, and ability to foam and wash away impurities. It definitely keeps my skin fresh and clear with cucumber, spearmint, tea tree and oregano oils.

According to Margc Cherry, the "Basil Lavender Rejuvenating Toner has an exotic and intoxicating aroma that helps suppress anxiety and calm the spirit," and I have to agree. This entire facial line is a feast for the senses, like this toner. I apply it with a cotton round to balance and prep my skin for moisturizer. It does an excellent job of minimizing my pores and toning my skin.

Speaking of moisturizer, the Vitamin C Face Creme and Eye Creme are so thick and creamy, with a light citrus scent. They quickly absorb, even and tone, and make my skin look more alive with a healthy glow. As you know, I'm a bit obsessed with vitamin C at the moment, which seems to combat a lot of my sun damage. These are the perfect ending to this at-home facial experience.

Have you tried any of Margc Cherry's products? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable and/or Instagram (also @Rawdorable).

* Although Margc Cherry sent me these products, all opinions are my own :)