Monday, September 26, 2016

Travel around the globe to get raw beauty

Back in May, I gave you a sneak peek at June's Pearlesque Box, and today, I'm excited to preview October's box. A little birdie hinted that this box would contain a brand I've been dying to try, and I must admit that this little birdie was right ;)

As you know, I started this blog, as a raw foodie and then transitioned into the green beauty theme. The two go hand in hand, like October's brand. RAW IS EVERYTHING travels around the globe to bring you raw beauty, and you can get a taste of it in the latest Pearlesque Box.

RAW IS EVERYTHING gives you pure, raw, plant-based products to feed your face and leave it looking great. According to the info card inside the box, RAW IS EVERYTHING is "the first line of single-ingredient skincare." The line consists of "four premier facial oils" that are "cold-pressed, unrefined and sourced sustainably from communities around the world. The products are shielded in custom-coated dark glass to protect the oils against sun and heat damage. It is RAW's mission to help women and men find the best single-ingredients for their skin."

The October Pearlesque box may only contain two of those four oils, but keep in mind the story behind them. RAW IS EVERYTHING founder Jessica Assaf, a beauty activist for the past 10 years, has made it her lifelong mission to advocate for safer products and stricter regulations, educate consumers about the importance of product safety, and discover the best safe and effective products. "She has searched the globe to find the highest quality and most powerful ingredients from plants that stand alone. She found oils that have been ancient beauty secrets for centuries, but have never been available to the modern consumer in their purest form."

The first of the two oils found in the October Pearlesque Box is the RAW IS EVERYTHING Facial Moisturizer. It's 100% unrefined, cold-pressed, wild crafted, undiluted, preservative-free, highest grade maracuja oil. "Native to the Amazon and extracted from the passionflower plant, this oil has been used for centuries to hydrate and replenish the skin. Rich in carotenoids, linoleic acid and vitamin C, this oil is known for its rapid absorption that moisturizes, balances and evens skin tone, to help give you a lasting natural glow," as stated on the packaging.

This maracuja oil is described as being "bright yellow in color with a strong citrus woodsy scent, due to its unrefined, whole potency state." The actual color is a bit paler than the description, but beautifully clean and pure. As for the scent, the description is perfection. It has a calming effect while I'm applying it to my skin. My pores just drink it right up, leaving my skin soft and hydrated, not greasy. A little bit goes a long way, so expect this product to last.

The other oil is in a smaller bottle, but it still packs a powerful punch. The RAW IS EVERYTHING Antioxidant Treatment is 100% unrefined, cold-pressed, wild crafted, undiluted, preservative-free, highest grade raspberry seed oil. "Native to Europe, this nourishing oil has been used for centuries by the civilizations of Greece, Rome and Anatolia. Believed to contain one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants found in nature, it helps protect skin against free radicals caused by exposure to sunlight and environmental toxins," as stated on the package. "Its rich bioactive lipid profile allows for rapid and enhanced absorption into the skin, making this rare oil suitable to wear throughout the day."

I just adore this oil's deep golden color that's due to it's unrefined whole-potency state. It automatically reminds me how concentrated and powerful this oil is. A little tab here and there with my fingertips is all I need to brighten and somewhat tighten my skin, and protect it throughout the day. It absorbs extremely well, much like the maracuja oil, and it somehow makes me look more awake.

The best part about both of these two oils is that they don't clog my pores, causing breakouts (yes, this 40-year-old is still prone to breakouts). Personally, I find that the purer an oil is, the more likely my skin stays clear. These definitely pass my clear skin test (although, if your skin is more prone to breakouts than mine, you might want to check out RAW IS EVERYTHING Clear Skin Treatment/Tamanu Oil).

The RAW IS EVERYTHING Facial Moisturizer retails for $55 and the Antioxidant Treatment is $45, which means this box is worth a total of $100. You can get it by subscribing to Pearlesque Box for $39.95 per month (shipping to the US is free). Use the code: RAW15 to get 15% off your first box.

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* Pearlesque Box sent me these RAW IS EVERYTHING products for review.
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