Friday, February 22, 2008

Jacob takes another pic

Last week was Jacob's debut as a guest photographer for my Friday posts. Here is his contribution this week. I hope you like it.

As you can see, he's still on a Spongebob kick, which I think was reinforced by all the pineapple I've been buying lately (He does live in a pineapple under the sea).

The two of us spent our afternoon, celebrating our long awaited snow day (I'll give you the details this weekend). As part of our wintery fun, we decided to set up his photo shoot outside. He picked out everything in the photo and carefully positioned each item on our front steps.

Check it out. It's Spongebob and Patrick in the crabby patty getaway car, being chased by some other character on a motorcycle, in front of a pineapple house in a snow covered dessert, complete with a rock formation and the cactus he made at school. Oh no, it looks as though the cactus is in danger of being burnt up by the campfire. I guess I need to teach him a few things about fire safety.

But, back to the pineapple. It became part of last night's dinner (as usual, I'll tell you more about it tomorrow), as well as being added to my breakfast this a.m. As you know, I've taken a break from the donuts for a while in exchange for more green smoothies.

Today's smoothie is a tribute to all those donut Fridays of the past. I made it out of ingredients from Ani Phyo's donut hole recipes, including almonds, pecans, coconut, bananas, pineapple (I told you it would be in there) and dates, as well as the traditional greens, etc. And, to make it more like a "coffee" and donuts kind of morning, I substituted Java Teeccino in place of plain water. Definitely an interesting combination. Cheers!


RawBin said...

Have you noticed that the last 3 times we've had enough snow to play in, it's been on your day off, not mine?? not fair... I'll have to dig up some of my 5 foot snow storm pics for you from my old life...

I was just looking at GI2MR ideas for grapefruit smoothies and then on to catch up with your blog. I see that you had such a yummy salad with grapefruit.

It makes sense that keeping it simple on busy evenings is the key to making time to relax.

Willow says that Jacob looks cute!

rawleen said...

Your son is so cute! Thanks for sharing that!
Do you use fresh or dried pineapple for Ani's donut holes? I tried making them this morning and as I was putting the dried pineapple in I noticed on the bag it said "low sugar, cane juice" AH!
Project ruined.
Still looking forward to donut holes! I'm going to try again tonight as I have more almonds soaking. Do you soak your nuts?
Thanks Shannon!!!

wyldegirl said...

hooray for your snow day!!!! i'm so glad you got some to play in and hopefully snuggled a lot afterwards. . .

we're getting beautiful and magical looking snow here and i'm trying to enjoy watching it fall instead of wishing i were digging my toes in warm sand and twirling in summer skirts!!!!
be in the now, be in the now, be in the now. . . that's my mantra.

OH and i tried a modified (jennyized- it wouldn't be right if it wasn't!) version of your do-si-raws. . . mmmmmmmmmm. i made them without nuts and with a cacao filling. . . and i tried one version chilled in the fridge and one dehydrated and then sandwiched. . . i'm awaiting the finished product and the eager taste testers' verdicts!!!!

rawleen said...

I forgot to mention I actually have a jar of that Java stuff my neighbor brought it to me a year ago. I wonder if it's still good I'll have to check. That was a very creative idea. How did it end up tasting?
I tried my first "green" smoothie this morning - spinach, apples, almond milk, some green powders - it was good. I think that alkalizing like that first thing is great I'm going to try it more often. Looking forward to more posts about your green combos! :)

shannonmarie said...

Sorry, Rawbin. I can't control Mother Nature. She's certainly had a weird sense of humor lately. I can't believe it was 70 last week and snow/ice in the past few days. I never quite know what to expect.

Willow looks cute in her snow pic, too.

Thanks Rawleen. I use dried pineapple in the donut holes and fresh in the smoothie. If you buy it dried, make sure it says "Just Pineapple." You don't want the kind with added sugar. But, I usually dehydrate it myself.

Your project is not ruined without the pineapple. Let your imagination run wild, since any dried fruit will do. Bananas are my favorite substitute.

As for the nuts, you probably should always soak them, but I do a little of both. I soaked the ones for my smoothie, like I do for all my creamy concoctions.

When I use dry nuts, sometimes I soak and then dry them in my dehydrator in advance. Other times, I get lazy and skip that step.

You really should try the Teeccino in your smoothie. It gives it a coffee-like flavor. However, I'm not sure if the can you have is still good. You could ask the company.

Jenny, thanks for sending snow our way. Jacob is very grateful. I'll probably blog about it tomorrow.

Your version of the Do-Si-Raws sound delicious. Oh please post about them on your blog :-)