Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remember this?

In my last post, I explained that due to a temporary change in eating habits, I would be using this blog to journal what's going on in my life rather than what's on my plate.

But, since this did start out as a raw blog, I decided to occasionally flash back to a past raw food entry, so you don't have to dig so hard trying to find it yourself.

For instance, remember this Chinese New Year post? I sure do. It was one of my favorite Thursday night raw meals (that's the day my hubby would agree to go raw for the evening, as well).

I was thinking about it this week as I had another crazy change in cravings. At first, I just had to have bread, but now I keep thinking about rice. Lucky for me, we're having Chinese food at my parent's house tonight to celebrate my grandfather's birthday.

Now, I wouldn't expect you to have any interest in celebrating his special day with us, but consider whipping up some of these rawified dishes in your own home, as tomorrow is the start of another Chinese New Year.

Here's the post with my recipe for Fortune Rawkies and Peanut-free Sauce. There's also an entry where I tried to recall what I put in the Sweet and Sour Veggies.

To really give you some more options, check out the Sunny Raw Kitchen blog, where Carmi posted, not one, nor just two, but three entries packed with recipes to round out your festive feast.

Happy New Year!