Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another raw craving

Since I've been increasing my raw intake again, I've noticed that my pregnancy cravings have died down. In fact, they've become almost nonexistent.

That is, until now. My cravings are returning, but lucky for me, they are healthy ones.

For instance, this a.m. I just had to have a bowl of Brendan Brazier's Recovery Pudding from his book, "The Thrive Diet" (you may recall me blogging about it in this past post). It really hit the spot on this surprisingly stormy morning.

I always find myself desiring heavier foods and more of them when it is cloudy out. I guess I just need the sunshine to keep my battery charged. Otherwise, I seem to need a little extra fuel in food form.

Actually, being pregnant, I've needed some extra food fuel anyway (those green breakfast smoothies just don't cut it on their own right now). I just try to make sure what I opt to put in my body is packed with nutrients my growing baby and I can really use.

Some of my other raw cravings have included fresh fruits and veggies, of course, as well as some simple kid-friendly treats (although she's not born yet, Hayden can still experience some of my childhood faves). I've been revisiting some simple yet fun recipes, like my no-bake kitchen sink cookies and a popular raw staple, frozen banana-based n'ice cream. Yum!

Which reminds me, I need to stock up the freezer with more bananas. Hey, where did they all go? Oh yeah, I think my boys (referring to my hubby and son) and I ate them all. I guess that's not really a bad thing :-)