Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Georgie Porgie, puddin', but no pie

I'm having a baby girl,
So there's no reason to cry,
I already have a boy with which to play,
hope his little sister won't scare him away.

(That was to be read to the tune of the "Georgie Porgie" nursery rhyme, as I've been feeling a tad bit "porgie" myself)

Okay, now I'm being cashew cheesy. Still on my raw pudding kick (if I took the time to make a shell, I guess I could've had a pie), I whipped up my modified version of Brendan Brazier's original Chocolate Recovery Pudding from his "Thrive" book. I just swap out the hemp oil for raw coconut butter and the tofu for avocado (as well as adding a little spice with some cinnamon and vanilla).

I guess you could call this my fertility pudding, since I ate quite a bit of it prior to conceiving my baby girl. I've heard that avocados make you fertile, and now I am living proof. Please eat this dish with caution, unless, like myself, you are planning for a little one in your future :-)