Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When you decide not to blog ...

... you find things to blog about (I'm trying my best to break the addiction). However, I plan on just making this brief, as I really meant what I announced in my last post.

My lovely sister Lori (she's the one pictured dancing with Hayden) just sent me a few photos I had to share. They're from my cousin Lynn's wedding (remember the shower I blogged about a couple months ago?).

First of all, I want to say congrats to the bride and groom. I'm so happy for them. The ceremony was sweet, and the reception was gorgeous, like the bride herself (both inside and out, I must say) and this pretty plate of food made especially for me. Lynn made sure this raw vegan didn't go hungry, and I couldn't thank her enough (thanks again, BTW).

The reception was held at a winery; the setting was amazing. I felt like we had been transported to Tuscany or something. This pic of Hayden, Matthew and yours truly only provides a glimpse of our surroundings. But, where's Jacob?

He and his cousins ended up running through the vineyard. It was so cute. We kept telling them not to do that, while snapping photos at the same time. I need to see if I can get some of those from my sister, too (thanks for sending me these, as I actually left my camera at home that day).

Anyway, this is turning into a full post, so I better wrap things up. Let me end with a big congrats to Kristen and her hubby on the birth of their new baby girl. Send her your love when you get a chance.

Also, you may recall that I am a big Brendan Brazier fan, so I am excited to finally meet him in person (and apologize for the way I abruptly ended my interview with him). You can, too, as he is doing another book tour. Click here for the dates. Hope to see you there :-)


Just wanted to add that I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to responding to all your comments on the last post. I usually pride myself on giving everyone a personal message back, but I opted not to recently in an effort to cut back on all things related to blogging. Please understand; I appreciate all your kind words, taking the time to read each and every one.