Friday, June 4, 2010

Sex outside the city

Did that title get your attention, or just the fact that I'm posting again? Sorry for the delay, as I've been immersed in Mommyhood (so what else is new?), which probably doesn't explain the title at all.

This post is way more tamer than the name suggests, much like the "Sex and the City 2" movie, from what I've heard. Obviously, I haven't had the opportunity to get out to a theater, but if I'm lucky, that's all about to change.

Anyway, with the release of the followup flick, came the usual publicity tour filled with stops on various daytime talk shows, such as "The View." All the ladies ("SJP," Cynthia, Kristen and Kim, as if I'm on a first name basis with the girls) turned out for that interview, which I taped while I was at Jacob's mini Relay for Life at his school (you may recall I mentioned his relay in my last post; I think he was very excited to have his mom and baby sis represent at the event, although Hayden was less than enthused). I then got a chance to actually flop on the couch to view it when I got home.

From what I understand, this movie has really grown up with the girls and their audience. It's no longer just about being single in the city, but instead addressing such issues as juggling work and family, finding out what it's like to be part of a married couple, going through menopause (I'm not there yet, but my hormones sometimes think I am) and dealing with the fact that you can't always be the perfect mom.

The perfect mom part, which is Charlotte's personal struggle, is definitely one I can relate to on a daily basis. We don't always admit to it when things don't go as planned, but maybe we should for all of our sakes.

Okay, so I can't speak for everyone, as there could be a small percentage of mommies out there that really do have everything under control. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them, although this blog sometimes makes my readers think I am.

The ladies on "The View" hit the nail right on the head, pointing out the fact that many of us moms try to live up to such high expectations, all the time thinking, "if so-and-so can do it, then I should be able to, too." If only we knew that so-and-so isn't always as perfect as she appears, then we could all support each other in just doing the best that we can.

To be the best mommy I can be, I try to put the kids first as much as possible, even if that means stepping away from the computer more.

If I haven't said it before, I really started this blog to fill a void left when Jacob was at preschool (and now elementary school). Once he is home for the summer, expect the gaps between posts to get a little wider, as you may have already noticed with the long holiday weekend (We spent some time outside swimming, which resulted in a nasty case of swimmer's ear for Jacob later in the week) and Hayden becoming more mobile (she gets into everything now and has somehow forgotten how to nap).

From time to time, I still plan on posting what we are up to and maybe some yummy eats (Hayden likes to share her simple recipes, as they are new to her). If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get both kids to help me in the kitchen, like I saw Charlotte doing in a clip from the movie. Isn't her cupcake apron, as well as the matching kid ones, cute? I still haven't gotten around to making one with the material I mentioned in the past, but my hubby got me this sexy little number pictured at the top of this post for my birthday. You should see the site it came from :-)

Speaking of cupcakes, did you also know Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes were featured in the "Sex and the City" series? It had been a stop on the Sex and the City tour of New York, until the bakery was unable to supply the cupcake demand for the tour. Then, they attempted to put out their own "Carrie" cupcake, which was a classic vanilla cupcake with light pink frosting and a small flower on top.

I would've made a raw replica myself, but have other priorities at the moment. Instead, I added a pic of my Ruby Red Chai cupcake from my e-book to this post, as it does appear similar. Besides, I'm not really a Cosmopolitan girl at this point in my life (although I could've used the same flavors in a raw cupcake, like lemon, lime and orange, and served it in a cocktail glass; everything looks sexier in stemware, including this sophisticated bittersweet cupcake); a rooibos chai or green smoothie is more my speed.

Oh, before I forget. I'm excited to announce that Hayden actually was a good girl at Grandma Terry and Paw Paw's house for the hour and a half that we dropped her off there the other evening (she's been with me just about 24/7 from the start). If all goes as planned, Matthew and I might have our first official date night tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed :-)