Friday, April 29, 2011

Now that's a really green smoothie

I love the springtime, when the weather warms up, the outdoors get a little greener and the local farmers market opens up for the season. If I'm correct, the Friday night farmers market down the street starts next week. I can't wait to get my hands on some fresh strawberries, and of course, greens.

Along with the warmer temps and greener surroundings, comes some fresh green cravings. I'm happy to report that I'm back to consuming green smoothies every morning, as well as throughout my day. If I'm not careful, I might turn green (well, actually greens have a similar effect as carrots and sweet potatoes; they give me a faux glow like a slightly orange spray tan or something).

I'm so used to having greens in place of my usual sweet raw treats, that I can handle quite a large quantity in relation to whatever other ingredient paired with them. In fact, I've been known to make green smoothies without any fruit at all (although I wouldn't recommend trying it until you've experimented with less and less fruit in yours first).

For example, you wouldn't believe what I did with my first scoop of the Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate I won off of HiHoRosie's blog (thanks again!). Following the suggestion to mix some with water to make coconut milk (it says to add 1 tsp. to 6-8 ounces of water on the label) and inspired by Kimberly Snyder's Coconut Green Smoothie (my hubby surprised me with her book the other day; he got the hint), I added a heaping spoonful (I licked the spoon, too; it was quite tasty, and it smells divine) to some greens, spirulina and water, and gave it a whirl in my trusty Blendtec. The results were really green, but so nourishing. Try it, if you dare.

To make this combo a little less intimidating, eliminate the spirulina and use very mild greens. Perhaps some or your favorite herbs would make it more appealing; mint would be a refreshing choice. And, if you must, add a little of your favorite natural sweetener. It really does taste good that way, too :-)

Tomorrow is my birthday, so Hayden, my sisters, my mom and I are having a girls' day out shopping. If I get a chance, maybe I'll post about it. Enjoy your weekend!