Sunday, May 1, 2011

A taste of yesterday

In my last post, I mentioned the possibility of posting about my birthday shopping trip with the girls (my mom, sisters, Hayden and yours truly) yesterday. To keep it simple, I decided to share a snapshot of my day in pictures. Here's a taste of what happened:

First of all, I awoke to this cute little chalkboard message designed by my in-house artists, Matthew and Jacob. They knew they'd have to get creative to make sure I'd receive their b-day wishes first (I tend to get up way before the two of them; I'm a morning person, but they're not). It wouldn't be long before the phone would start ringing with calls from my Granny (my mom's mom) and Poppy (my dad's dad). So sweet.

Although it was my birthday, I still crammed in a cardio/mat workout (Tracy Anderson, of course) before hopping in the shower to get cleaned up. I opted to dress comfortably (sipping on Sarma's cilantro shake, while I got myself and Hayden ready), as I was planning on doing a lot of clothes shopping. Jeggings and a t-shirt were the perfect choice to easily slip in and out of while trying on tons of stuff.

My hubby joked that I should snap a pic of me in the dressing room. I'm sure he was thinking of something a bit naughtier, but I humored him with this humdrum shot of me in this cute tank. I bought it, so I felt less guilty about taking a picture of me in it (I know stores don't encourage such behavior; please don't report me. Ha ha).

However, the bad behavior continued in another store when we spotted some hats. Inspired by the royal wedding (of course I watched it; it brought back memories of seeing Princess Di walk down the isle on television with my mom when I was little), my mom, Lori (my other sister April didn't meet up with us until later in the day) and I just had to try some on. The camera briefly came out for the following pics:

Lori checked out her topper in the mirror.

My mom and I posed together in ours. You can see how I took the pic with a mirror trick.

And then Hayden sported a tiny fascinator.

Unfortunately, she wasn't very fascinated by it.

She was much happier when we moved on to some other stores. I'll save you the details and move on to lunch. Let's just say I fulfilled my mission of putting together a new spring/summer wardrobe. Now that's what I call retail therapy.

Anyway, we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, although none of us had cheesecake. We had a lovely waitress, who brought out a special appetizer plate for Hayden.

My little lady was excited by her plate, which had some banana slices sandwiched between the usual slices of bread. She devoured them ...

... and most of my strawberries before I got a chance to take this pic. I ordered strawberries without the cream off the dessert menu for my appetizer. Eating fruit first allows them to digest properly.

Hayden and I happily shared the rest of the berries. Yum!

She also snagged some of my salad. They kindly swapped out the cheese for avocado, as per my request.

Although she likes raw greens, Hayden wasn't down with the sauteed spinach, but I ate every last bite ...

... as well as my snow peas and veggies.

Okay, so maybe Hayden took some of those, too (she looks so funny with a snow pea hanging out of her mouth like a lizard tongue), but she shared her sweet potato fries with me :-)

My sister April (who had been at her dance company rehearsal) met up with us after lunch for a quick visit (and a bit more shopping) before I needed to head home for date night with my hubby. I was so happy to have my mom take this shot of her three daughters together. It's rare these days to have my sisters and I altogether at the same time. That makes this pic extra special ...

... as well as this pic of April saying goodbye to Hayden at the end of the day. I taught Hayden to say April, which is a really big deal around here. The boys took much longer to learn her name when they were little. My nephew actually called her "wawa" instead.

I don't know about you, but this post is getting a tad bit long. So, I'll leave you with my dinner from last night. I'm so easy to please. I just had a salad from Chipotle (I like to get the vegetarian salad with just extra lettuce, extra guacamole, extra fresh tomato salsa and more lettuce on top; perfection!) ... and some organic vegan chocolate (hey, it was my birthday).

Thanks to my girls for spending the day with me. I love and appreciate you. Today, let's take it easy :-)