Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pulp Fiction Cupcake Sea Creatures

You probably wouldn't guess it by the content of this site, but I've always been a fan of the movie, "Pulp Fiction." Therefore, it's no surprise that I found a way to fit the title into the heading of this post.

Why "Pulp Fiction Cupcake Sea Creatures?"

Well, although made from almond pulp, they probably won't be very tasty (unless they were sweetened up a bit like our usual raw cupcake friends). After making a fresh batch of almond milk, we decided to play with the pulp, rather than save it for "unbaking" our more edible treats. Thus, I'll just refer to these as "fictional cupcakes."

Don't worry; these adorable sand toys haven't actually made it out to the beach. We purchased them while in Myrtle Beach, SC; however, we kept them inside. Hayden had such a blast just stacking them and pretending they were real cupcakes that we ended up designating them as indoor toys.

So, today we brought the beach inside, swapping out sand for almond pulp. Fresh from the nut milk bag, this pulp was the perfect consistency for molding and shaping with our cupcake-inspired sand toys.

Just watch as Hayden attempts to reveal an almond pulp "sand creature" (and/or check out today's video demonstration, where I show her how to mold an almond "sand" fish). Tap, tap, tap. Will it come out of the mold?

And, there you have it. Hayden made an almond pulp "sand" starfish. She looks so proud (I'm proud of her, too).

Don't forget to stop for a fresh unsweetened almond milk break. Mmmm ... that's good stuff :-)

In case you didn't get it the first time, Hayden also shows you how to mold a turtle out of almond pulp.

Look how easily this one released from the mold.

Good job Hayden :-)

So you can really experience the fun we had today, check out our almond pulp "sand" video below, along with Jacob's "mysterious" Angry Birds game (my "young man of mystery" stepped out from behind the camera, but not out of the shadows, to show you what he likes to do around the house). Enjoy!