Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tinkerbell's pineapple party dress

Wow! It's been 2 weeks since my last post. Where have I been?

Well, actually, my family and I recently got back from a vacation away from my raw kitchen and computer in Myrtle Beach, SC (at least I had access to a kitchen, where I kept most of my diet raw for the week; any cooked food I ate was still vegan). Sorry that I'm out of the loop and behind on e-mails, but I'm catching up.

Anyway, in the process of getting back into the usual routine, I'm also getting ready to celebrate Hayden's 2nd birthday (that's right; she's turning 2 years old. Where does the time go?). She wants a Tinkerbell theme, so we started off early with this Tinkerbell doll "cake."

Inspired by the doll cakes my mom made me as a child (the puffy-skirt cakes with a doll in the center; if you missed my cupcake version, here's that post). I decided to core out a pineapple to use as her "fruitcake" skirt. Then, I covered her top (I'd never display a topless doll on this site; this is a family-friendly place) with a strawberry heart-shaped bodice and added some greenery (spinach "petals" to decorate her dress and romaine fairy "wings).

For more fun, Hayden and I showed her off in today's video, where we demonstrated how to make some tasty "pixie dust." Hayden likes to dip her greens in it like Fun Dip, although this is so much better for you. Yum!

Hope you enjoyed today's video/post. I'll try to update you again soon :-)