Saturday, August 27, 2011

Till the World Ends

It's been crazy weather around here lately. We experienced our first earthquake (we live on the East Coast, so this is a rarity), and now we're about ready to be hit by Hurricane Irene (oh, and we're under a tornado watch, too).

This morning, Hayden and I danced and sang in our p.j.s to "Till the World Ends" by Britney Spears, which seemed really fitting at the time. It's been her favorite song of the summer, as I catch her singing it all the time ... except on camera, of course.

I originally tried to set up a video of her dancing and singing with Britney's music in the background, but she wouldn't sing until she ran out of the shot (I probably couldn't upload that video anyway without having to pay some royalty fees for the music). Luckily, I just happened to grab my camera in time to capture this spontaneous performance (if you can even tell that's the song she's singing).

Anyway, the wind is whipping and the rain is falling. It's only going to get worse. I'm signing off before we lose power. Stay safe :-)