Thursday, March 8, 2012

Special delivery

Can you believe these babies made it all the way from Alaska? Cool, huh? It sure is. Now I know why the temps dropped back down again.

Just as I was getting used to the warmer Spring weather, it decided to get cold again. We actually had some snow flurries. At first, I was disappointed by the chill in the air, but then, these came to warm me up.

The kids were sipping their after school hot chocolate (they requested it after a cold walk back from the bus stop) and I was enjoying some warm cinnamon vanilla almond milk when my hubby arrived home from work with this package in hand. To my surprise, it was the pecan pie babies I won from Nicki of ChenaRaw.

I posted a comment on Nicki's blog post at the time, just because I wanted to leave one. Then, I found out that my comment won me some yummy pecan pie babies, which she shipped to me recently after getting more ingredients, some of them being hard to come by in Alaska.

I told her it wasn't necessary to send them all this way, but she sent them anyway (with a sweet handwritten note, and you know how much I appreciate those). These babies arrived safe and securely in a cute little cooler. I must say, Nicki is quite the smart cookie. And, thanks to the cooler (and cooler temperatures), they still felt like they came straight out of the refrigerator.

I decided to show off her yummy treats, displaying them in a cupcake box (I held on to it from an actual cupcake delivery), so they would pop against the white background. They look like the pecan rolls my late grandfather used to give me. Such wonderful memories ... and tasty ones, too.

These are so good, especially with my warm cinnamon vanilla almond milk. Perfect timing. Even Hayden couldn't get enough of them, adding her personal touch with some fresh raw apple (kind of like apple pie; I can see where she was going with this, even if you can barely see it in this extremely blurry pic of a piece of pie with an apple chunk in her hand).

Thanks Nicki. Have a great day, too!

Oh, and if you are interested in making your own pecan pie babies, you can find Nicki's recipe here :-)


Since typing this post (I actually had it done in advance), the weather warmed up again (maybe the flurries really were meant to keep my Alaskan mail cold). Hayden was excited to take her car out for a drive. Ha ha. She thinks she's big stuff now :-)