Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The best gifts are made with love

This weekend was full of ups and downs (I can't believe our washing machine decided to break this weekend, leaving a full load of laundry swimming in soapy water; thank goodness we had some family members nearby, who were willing to let us finish a few loads in their machines), but my kids always find a way to make me smile.

On Mother's Day morning, Jacob and Hayden gave me the biggest hugs, while telling me how much they love me. Jacob presented me with a "You and Me" book that he made at school (he knows my favorite gifts are the ones made with love), and Hayden quickly decided to whip up a gift from her, too (they are so competitive sometimes).

Knowing that her mommy is a big smoothie fan, she blended her special recipe for me. Don't worry; she didn't use the real blender by herself. Instead, she pretended with her wooden blender set (you can see an old photo of Jacob peeking through the toy blender in the pic at the top of this post), complete with sliceable fruit (banana, orange and strawberry, of course).

Here she is making the smoothie in a dress I wore at her age (I'm amazed at how new it still looks, considering that I would play in it all the time, everywhere and anywhere, not to mention the fact that both my sisters did, too).

Good thing this is a toy. Please don't put your hand
in the blender like that.

Mmmm ... gotta test it first.

Where's that other cup?

Try it, you'll like it :-)