Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making something for mom

As you know, Mother's Day is this Sunday, so I've been hard at work, making a gift for my mom. I even took this photo of it to share. There's me in the reflection. Ha ha. Hi mom! :-)

My mother loves earrings (like the ones at our local Artsfest), especially since she cut her hair very short (her modern pixie cut is perfect for her, as she likes to swim a lot; it dries so fast and is really cute). Therefore, I decided to make seven pairs for her, a new style for each day of the week.

I also displayed them in a shadow box frame, inspired by the glass cases in the jewelry stores. All I did was wrap two brightly colored rubber bands around the back piece of the frame to hang the earrings on, like a clothes line (but for jewelry, instead of clothes, of course). She can add more earrings, or remove the rubber bands to use the frame for something else.

Speaking of frames, the kids are painting frames for Matthew's mom. Here are some pics of Hayden, the artist.

Anyone else making something for their mom?
If so, what do you have planned?