Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tees & tank you

Spring is already heating up like summer around here; time to break out the tees and tanks (and sundresses, swimwear, etc.). I got a cute one recently from LovingEco (I've been meaning to thank them - thank you LovingEco) that's a comfy way to show off your "Style for Change."

Here's the old LovingEco blog post with the lovely Shannon Elizabeth sporting her "Style for Change" (she looks much hotter in it than I do), filling in the blank on her shirt with "more animal protections and a world without hunger." You can't actually buy this shirt anymore now that LovingEco has teamed up with JP Selects (notice the code - LOVEJP - for 10% any purchase of $30 or more by the end of May in the link about it), but I wanted to post about it anyway in hopes that one of my readers might suggest what I should write on mine. So, what should I write?
I also just got my #BrokeCity tank in the mail today that I ordered from my favorite "Fashion Star" contestant, Orly Shani. I've dreamed of being a fashion designer for as long as I can remember, so it is no surprise that I am a huge fan of this show, along with "Project Runway," "Project Accessory" and "24-Hour Catwalk."

You may recall my efforts to support my favorite "Project Accessory" designer Nina Cortes (I've purchased a number of her pieces since then), and now I'd like to do the same for Orly. I was lucky enough to scoop up one of her designs while she was on the show (the blue H&M dress; I can't afford the ones bought my Saks 5th Avenue, and from what I've read, neither can she) and then I bought one of her tees (#BrokeCity is perfect for all of us who can only dream of owning the clothes from Saks).

The note that came with the shirt requests that fans tweet a picture of themselves wearing the shirt to @orlyshani, so that's the reason for all these cheesy pics. If you end up seeing a tweet of me wearing this top, you know why. Ha ha :-)
Anyway, I hope that she is able to keep her label (Tuc+Wes, which is "cut" and "sew" spelled backwards) going and growing, and possibly making more of her convertible styles. I know some of the buyers on the show thought it was overkill, but I love having items that can be worn in different ways (she did design the successful zip mini skirt and this previous line that reminds me of American Apparel). How about you? Do you like the convertible clothing concept?

Sorry there isn't any food in this post. Sometimes it's nice to write about my other interests, too. Thanks for taking the time to read about them :-)

What are your other interests?