Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer essentials from Eco Emi

The kids and I were just taking it easy today, when surprise, my Eco Emi arrived. I had a hunch it might be here closer to the end of the week (actually I was worried I wouldn't be here when it did, due to our hectic schedule as the week progresses), but I was pleasantly wrong (as if being wrong could ever be a good thing). Luckily, I had a moment to show what was inside.

As usual, Hayden and I revealed the contents and shared our thoughts in a video, which you can watch above. Since it's summer and we are cutting back on computer time/posting, here's a quick view of the products we received in the first of three summer-themed boxes.

Owner/founder of Eco Emi Christine wrote in her note, "This box has a little bit of everything to cover your needs traveling or possibly just for a long day out running errands."
Okay, time to get back to my family. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far. Maybe I'll post again soon with a project using the purple paper and flowers from this box.

*Just a reminder that I pay for my Eco Emi subscription. I have fun showing you what we got in our box, much like various other bloggers and YouTubers.