Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Crazy Summer

I know I said I'd be back with another DIY involving the purple flowers from this month's Eco Emi, but I just had to do a quick post, inspired by Sunwarrior's latest contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on this YouTube video to enter, and Sunwarrior will pick their five favorite comments to win a Sunwarrior product of their choice. I don't know how long you have to comment before the decisions are made, so I thought I should give you a heads up asap.

I commented about how the video reminded me of the movie, "One Crazy Summer" (yes, I'm showing my age), and how the main character Hoops would sketch out his thoughts on his journey to find love that summer. Unfortunately, the cute and fuzzy bunnies always got in the way.

That's like how some protein products used to get in my way of feeling my best a number of years ago, when I was consuming soy protein powder. I just didn't digest well for me. Fortunately, Sunwarrior Brown Rice Protein and Warrior Blend are much kinder to my tummy. I think I'm in love. Ha ha :-)

Anyway, my kids like it, too. We like quick and easy "monkey shakes" (there are monkeys in the video, so it made perfect sense to mention this simple smoothie) made with just some frozen banana, almond milk, vanilla Sunwarrior (the classic rice protein or the Warrior Blend) and a spoonful of natural peanut or almond butter. Yum!

Seems like we are ready for Charissa of Colourful Palate's July smoothie challenge. Are you? Check it out, while the kids and I go riding off into the sunset with our Sunwarrior (I know; I didn't draw my hubby in the pic, but he's at work right now). Actually, we have an outdoor party to go to, so fingers crossed that we stay cool :-)

*Sunwarrior did not ask me to do this post, although they have sent me products to try in the past. I've really enjoyed their products, continue to buy them and wanted to share this contest with you.