Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We love art

About a week ago, Hayden and I enjoyed a girls day (we couldn't convince Matthew and Jacob to go with us) at the annual Artsfest at Annmarie Gardens. We had so much fun that we thought we'd take a moment to share some pics with you.

I usually go to Artsfest to check out all the artwork, get inspired and sometimes purchase items from the artists along the wooded trails (I'm a big fan of the jewelry, but there's also drawings, paintings, carvings, sculpture, pottery, etc.). This time, Hayden led the way.

First, she took advantage of the opportunities to create some art of her own. She was so excited to paint a picture to take home with her.

Then, she made a contribution to one of the exhibits there. Kids were able to make colorful leaves and hang them on a decorative tree.

Here's Hayden making her leaf.

We just had to take a picture of her with it by the tree ...

... and one more pic to remember it.

Moving on down the path, Hayden really was drawn to this mermaid carving. She certainly loves mermaids.

Then, while I admired the other works of art, Hayden went on a fairy hunt. Local artists and businesses had made fairy homes, as part of the Fairies in the Garden exhibit, that were hidden along the wooded path. I think Hayden thought some of them were real ... because, of course, the fairies in the garden are real :-)

There was even an artist who sold fairies, although we didn't get one. We considered getting a fairy house making kit at the artLAB, but in the end, opted to gather our own supplies around the house to replicate the project in the future.

Another project in the artLAB that caught my eye was these cute little flower pins made from water bottles. The KidsPost had done a feature on them, as other water bottle flower arrangements can be seen elsewhere at the event (like on the window sill at the top on this post). They are fairly simple to make, so I'm hoping to try it myself, especially since Hayden wouldn't hang out in the artLAB long enough for me to purchase one.

Instead, she was excited to play with the other kids near one of the stages, where my cousin and brother-in-law's band was about to go on. Hayden let me play with her, too, like being a kid again (seriously, my sister and I couldn't get enough of the hula hoops).

Before we left, Hayden posed as the Mona Lisa. Just look at that heart-shaped face. She certainly loves art :-)

Now, I can't wait for my Eco Emi to arrive. I wonder what I'll make as my follow up DIY project this month?