Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cake for breakfast?

I don't know why, but I'm craving some cake for breakfast. That's the beauty of the raw diet; you can eat dessert whenever you want.

In Gabrielle Chavez's book, "The Raw Food Gourmet," she writes, "A dearly held birthday tradition from my childhood (which I may have initiated) was that the birthday girl could eat leftover cake for breakfast the next morning. On my lucky day, I would gleefully immerse the dry-ish layers of Duncan Hines, glued together with my mother's own butter cream frosting in a bowl of chocolate ice milk "soup" - one of my early culinary creations."

"... But, today I have learned how to have my cake for breakfast - rich, lovely, mouthwatering cake - without incurring guilt or inflicting self damage. Raw cakes are not only good tasting but also good for you."

There is leftover cake from the one I made on my son's birthday calling my name, and I'll probably have a bite before starting today's cake for his party. Wish me luck getting everything finished on time.

So, I'll make this post quick. I wanted to thank One Lucky Duck, if anyone representing them is reading this. I had ordered a bunch of stuff a while back, which was not all in stock at the time (usually everything arrives at my house in just a matter of a couple days). In two separate shipments, I received everything except a small sample-size bottle of shampoo.

I had forgotten all about it until a packaged arrived at my house yesterday. Inside was the shampoo, which costs less than the shipping (I was never charged additional shipping even though the items were shipped separately). That's so awesome; I never contact them about it, but they still remembered to send it. Thanks so much for staying on top of things. I love that company.

I also received an e-mail from "The Duck" announcing its free shipping on orders in excess of $100 through the holidays. If I hadn't made a rule to not buy anything for myself until after Christmas, I would have totally jumped on that one. I really want one of their new hemp/organic cotton hoodies (please save a small for me), a bamboo t-shirt and I'd like to try some of the new soaps mentioned in the e-mail, which I can't seem to find on the site.

Speaking of t-shirts, I also want to get one from We Like It Raw. They're "officially bringing sexy back."

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