Friday, May 2, 2008

Green is the new yellow

It's been a while since my last Jacob-inspired Friday post, and now that I've had two back-to-back entries, he wasn't about to let me forget his.

So, here is a pic of the two of us after he gave me my birthday present from him Wednesday night. He got me these organic cotton Spongebob pajamas, which I proudly wore to bed. They were the perfect compliment to his Squarepant Underoos.

It made him so happy to have mommy and son matching attire. Just look at the expression on his face. He was bouncing around all night; it's amazing that we ever got him to go to sleep (seriously, we didn't get much sleep).

Happy Friday :-)


HiHoRosie said...

Soooo cute!!

Have a good weekend!

Michelle said...

Cute picture! Two of my sons have that exact T-shirt! It's so cute isn't it?

I loved your durian day post too. What great fun! Good to see you back. I enjoy your blog so much!


shannonmarie said...

Thanks Rosie. I did have a good weekend. Hope yours went well, too.

Michelle, that is cute. Thanks :-)