Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jacob and the Bean Stalk

I don't know how it happened, but Jacob has become quite the little nature boy. He loves to be outside, go camping on Paw Paw's back porch (he and his cousins are planning to camp out with Nana in her gazebo tomorrow night) and has even redesigned his bedroom with an outdoor theme.

His new room is painted blue like the sky, with stars and a moon that light up at night. He even has a wooden bunk bed, covered in organic cotton critter bedding (he refers to the little forest animals on it as critters) and a bed tent.

Jacob just loves climbing up and down the ladder, practicing getting in and out of his top bunk. As his mommy, it sometimes makes me nervous, but I'm still proud to see him growing up.

Speaking of growing, he even managed to grow some green beans on our front porch, with a bit of help from Paw Paw. Here's a picture of what we picked yesterday. His thumb is definitely greener than mine :-)