Saturday, July 4, 2009

For July 4 and a whole lot more

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Hope you're having a good one.

So far, I started out my morning with a breakfast smoothie inspired by my raw friend, Blaq Berry, who recently posted her Morning Spice Smoothie on her website. Although she blogged about it on June 30th, I haven't had an opportunity to try it until now.

As you'll notice, hers is much more photogenic than mine, especially since I added greens (a pregnant girl has to have her greens; my doctor says my consumption of them has helped keep my iron level in check). Also, her sprinkling of cinnamon is definitely better incorporated than the little ant hill-like piles on top of my sludgy version (hey, at least it still tasted good; that's what really counts).

In the end, I was lucky enough to get a photo at all. I've been having some camera issues, which made it almost impossible to get any shots while on our mini beach vacation this past week (that's what took me so long to blog again and test out Blaq Berry's creation). I guess it's time for a new one.

For now, here are some more blast from the past photos to give you some raw food ideas for today or any day this summer.

Just because you're raw, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good veggie burger. I like to make Cafe Gratitude's "I Am Cheerful" Sun Burgers and serve them on sesame-topped portobello mushroom buns.

You can also opt for a raw hot dog. In the past, I opted to coat them in a raw corn bread mixture (sorry, I can't remember what I used in the recipe) to make these mock corn dogs.

If you don't have time to dehydrate burgers and hot dogs, there's always a banana dog on a romaine bun, paired with my son's favorite pear fries.

If curly is more your style, use a spiral slicer to form these yellow squash fries to go with a zucchini "quick bread" pizza.

Also, you can never go wrong with a festive slaw recipe, followed by a red, white and blue banana-based sundae. When you use these three colors, you can't help but feel like a part of the celebration :-)