Friday, February 26, 2010

All wrapped into one

I find inspiration all the time, whether it be from a magazine, television, recipe, a product on the market, a memory from my past or perhaps another blogger's post. Sometimes multiple sources converge, and I end up with something like this.

First, I got a copy of Heathy's e-book, which has had me craving multiple recipes from it. Then, I saw an episode of "Unwrapped" on Food Network, highlighting Yummy Cupcake's innovative concept, "Cupcake in a Jar."

While visiting yet another "yummy" site, known as the Yummy Raw Kitchen, I was reminded of the jar idea, as Nikki blogged about transporting her smoothies in them. I just had to make this container work for me, too.

I've had a ton of combinations pop in my head, starting with Heathy's Double Chocolate Maca Cake. Then I considered a mixture of her Quick N Easy Moist Chocolate Cake (which is fruit-sweetened with just dates and apples) layered with her Nutless Chocolate Creme, but finally ended up with something even more simple.

As this was a spur of the moment decision, I opted to do a cake-like layer using a convenient product I'll get to in a minute, topped off with an avocado-based pudding and some sliced bananas for garnish (that's how Heathy decorated her Double Chocolate Maca Cake), and repeated the process again to fill the jar. It was so easy and ready to take anywhere.

I used to enjoy making everything from scratch, but with little lady around, I've had to cut some corners. I sometimes feel like the Sandra Lee of raw when I find myself creating semi-homemade recipes instead.

I can't be the only mommy out there finding shortcuts when needed (what quick fixes or convenient products do you use?). It's nice to have part of the work done for you in a pinch.

For instance, I actually reshaped a chocolaty Larabar to act as the "cake" in this trifle of sorts. It saved me from having to use/clean out (that's the part I don't like) the food processor in addition to the blender. Layering the basic bar with some fresh raw pudding, sliced banana and a sprig of mint (please forgive me for garnishing with something not included in the rest of the dish; it just needed a little extra something) jazzed it up a bit, while still enabling me to take it on the go.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing other jarred treats on this site. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration :-)


friday, february 26, 2010, continued ...

Lovin' the layers

Layers don't only look good in desserts, but they also keep you warm.

Thanks to Stephanie of Rawlicious Barbie, Hayden has some more layers in her wardrobe. Stephanie very kindly sent some tops, a pair of pants and theses adorable little leg warmers to my cupcake.

Here she is modeling the leg warmers in her ballerina outfit. She can sit up on her own now.

Thanks Steph :-)