Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She's got the glow

My little lady gets a lot of compliments on her skin, which I often attribute to her mommy's diet of fresh fruits and veggies, especially the greens. As I was sitting on the couch, eating my brightly colored kale salad (I was too lazy to get up and take a proper pic, so you're stuck seeing my bowl on my lap), she actually tried to steal it away from me.

Okay, the second photo is much cuter than the first, as Hayden is the focal point, leaving the tossed salad in a blur. Literally, the salad almost ended up on the floor.

Lucky for the two of us, it made its way into my belly (not the floor) and nourished my curious cupcake, too. Remember that I often refer to her as my cupcake, like I did in my last post.

Her beauty secret must have paid off, as she managed to land in the No. 6 spot at the end of last week's Cute Kid contest. No wonder she is still glowing, thanks to all your greatly appreciated votes.

She was then automatically entered into this week's round. The position tends to shift periodically as votes are cast, but this link (http://photos.parents.com/category/vote/photo/70094) should adjust to those changes. Thanks again to everyone who voted :-)