Friday, February 19, 2010

This one's for your face :-)

A week and a half ago, I posted about our crazy snowfall (which is still up to my knees outside; there is more in the forecast on Monday), as well as this yummy kiwi-basil gelee. There was some confusion as to whether or not to eat it or apply it to your face.

Well, to answer your question, I originally concocted it as a skin food, literally. It was food to be eaten to benefit your skin from the inside out.

Kiwi is packed with vitamins A, C and E, and its black seeds contain Alfa-Linoleic Acid (an important Omega-3 essential fatty acid acid, according to Basil is also known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as being a tasty spa-like addition (summery foods always remind me of a refreshing spa).

Don't forget about the chia seeds, which not only turn this dish into a jelly-like delight; they also "are high in iron, boron, EFA's and fiber. (They) contain protein. All in all the Chia seed, a muscle and tissue builder and an energizer of endurance with extensive hydration properties, is a great food," as quoted from the NaturalZing website.

After considering some of your comments and receiving a new facial recipe in my inbox from Vital Juice (yet another fun e-newsletter, although not always vegan), I decided that maybe this could work directly on your face. It couldn't hurt, right?

Or, perhaps you might want to try the "Frugalista Facial" from the Vital Juice e-mail I mentioned. This quick raw foodie face mask comes courtesy of Josh Rosebrook from L.A.'s The Parlour on 3rd salon. Check it out:

"The avocado-chia face mask below features only two ingredients - avocado and chia seeds - and minimal prep. Vitamin E-rich avocados regenerate skin cells and jump-start collagen production to diminish the appearance of fine lines. Chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids to soothe inflammation from winter wind and cold."

1. Mash half of an avocado with 3 Tbsp. ground chia seeds.
2. Apply mask to face.
3. Leave on 10 to 45 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. You'll have yummy looking skin in no time :-)

Speaking of yummy, check out this tasty Golden Bean bar I scored from a special NaturalZing promotion. I plan on sharing other offers with my readers, asap. For instance, you can get a free 8-ounce bag of chia seeds with any $40 purchase, just type in the code: "CHIADORABLE" (this offer is good through Friday, March 5, 2010).


Oh, I almost forgot; Michal at Earth Muffin is celebrating her vegan anniversary with a giveaway. Don't forget to stop by and congratulate her. The contest ends Sunday.

Averie is also giving away some coconut pb (you'll have to see it to believe it), and I think there is still some time left to enter for a chance to win Gena's Tribest Blender.