Monday, February 22, 2010

(Not) "Just Desserts"

I hope that didn't sound negative, because it's so much more than "Just Desserts." This is why Heathy has an e-book and I don't. In addition to sharing her gorgeous creations, she really takes the time to break down every step, assisting others in making them, too.

The book opens with a foreward by none-other-than Carmella of the popular Sunny Raw Kitchen blog and Raw Freedom Community. If you've seen (and tasted) some of Carmi's desserts, you'd understand why it is a big deal to have her, not only open Heathy's e-book, but also admit to using it as a reference in her sunny raw kitchen.

Next up, you get to know Heathy, if you don't already. She is the typical girl next door. Who wouldn't want to invite her in? She admits to having a sweet tooth, like the rest of us, and following her own culinary path (she didn't care much for the classic French Cuisine she studied) and passion, found a way to satisfy those cravings in a much healthier fashion.

Starting with the sweeteners, she gives a list of more natural options, with tips on how to use them, followed by nuts, and other ingredients often used in her recipes. Then, she organizes the equipment, based on what's essential and what's just fun to have.

For those who still may need a helping hand, her hints and tips are like having her right there with you. She even gives pointers on presentation and serving, so we can all look like pros.

But, since I haven't had the opportunity to test and photograph all of these lovely delights, I have to admit that today's photos are straight from the book and/or blog (Heathy, I hope you don't mind; I've always liked that photo of you licking the beater and the bowl. I do it, too, sometimes). If you want to see more, I recommend getting the e-book and sampling the recipe section yourself. Nothing beats having them in person; they taste much better that way :-)

In addition to the basic chocolate recipe/guidance I mentioned the other day (I think she's addressed most of the causes of failed attempts), she goes on with more recipes for creams, puddings, caramels (perfect for whipping up the raw turtles she talks about in this video), toppings; and those are just the finishing touches.

Do you want cake or pie? Oil or cream? Okay, I was just thinking of the commercial for a product she will have you turning down for her version any day.

Many of these desserts can be downsized to a cupcake or tart, as I plan to do in the future. It is very rare that I have a reason to make a whole cake or pie. However, when I do, that Double Chocolate Maca Cake (gotta love double the chocolate, especially with a bit of maca) is the one that caught me eye.

The funny thing is that I mostly wanted the book for her secret Super Granola Bar recipe (which she recently added a chocolate coat to on her blog), something I can carry around with me. To my surprise it is actually an "add-in recipe." Once you've whipped up a batch of her oatmeal raisin cookie dough (also a hit in this household), just add in a few more ingredients, shape and unbake in your dehydrator. You can easily make two recipes at once.

There are many more fun recipes inside, both for entertaining and to get the kids involved. I'd tell you more, but Hayden needs me now.

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