Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy birthday to me :-)

Okay, so the big day has arrived, and I have yet to hear from Ellen. Oh well, it is still early.

Speaking of early, I woke up way too soon this morning, due to a nightmare of all things ... make that "A Nightmare on Elm Street." The remake comes out today, so no wonder I had it on the brain. It would give me bad dreams when I was little (although I continued to watch the original and its sequels multiple times), and it still does (even without seeing it; maybe I saw a commercial for it before bed).

Anyway, you can't go back to sleep after having a nightmare about a gruesome character that's trying to get you in your dreams (I'd much rather dream about raw cupcakes, right Ellen? She's probably having nightmares about me). That explains why the franchise has been so successful.

I haven't been too successful with this Ellen thing, so I tried to get it off my mind (as well as Freddy Krueger) by way of distraction. Since I couldn't sleep, I flopped down on the couch in front of the television, flipping channels and searching for something somewhat uplifting.

Can you believe that I ended watching "Teen Wolf?" Ridiculous, I know, but I liked it when it first came out.

The funniest part about it was the timing; Matthew and I were tempted to put it on the other day to see if the comment in the Star Wars-themed Family Guy was true. As this is a family friendly blog, I won't link to it (which doesn't explain my nightmare link; sorry about that), although I'll tell you a bit more.

Supposedly, there is a man in the back of the stands with something hanging out at the final basketball game. I can't believe that we actually Googled this to find out exactly where to look (what else are you going to do at 3:30 a.m.?).

To our surprise, the man was actually a woman with her fly down (only exposing more clothing; otherwise, I wouldn't mention it on my site), who was trying to discretely pull it back up again. Now that's a crazy way to start my birthday.

At least when I checked my e-mail, this is what I found in my inbox. It's a raw cupcake pic (no Ellen here; this raw cupcake is for me) from my blogging friend Nelly (she'd probably get a kick out of the "Teen Wolf" thing after her last post), who also sent me these "good things in small packages" (I just adored her little note) that I won in her first giveaway (her second giveaway ends tomorrow). She's got some good timing, doesn't she?

She's also been a big help in my quest to get Ellen to eat a raw cupcake, by unbaking her own treats, tweeting and retweeting my tweets (did you get all of that?). Thanks to all of you who embarked on the quest with me, too. Let's review:

My good buddy Bitt was the first to hop aboard, highlighting two raw cupcakes on her site. Check them out. She didn't get Ellen's face in the shots, so I took it upon myself to add the cutout for her.

Next, Bitt contributed this naked Zippy Zucchini Cupcake.

Then there was the Reduced-Fat & Fabulous Cupcake modeled on Sarah's blog. Nice strawberry accent. That cupcake is working it.

I had to get a closeup on that pretty little thing.

Along with Aura's own take on Carrot Cake Cupcakes. S-weet! They're all decked out in n'icing, this season's creamiest trend.

I had to show a sneak peek at what's hidden underneath :-)

My blogging friend Debbie of Raw-Riffic Food not only made two types of raw cupcakes (the Creme-filled Lemony Cupcakes with her own topping/garnish and the Cocoa Avocado Cupcakes), but she did a review, too. She's so sweet. She was the first to buy my e-book

Then, there was my newest "Buddy" on the block, with her blog, Vegan Showdown. She documented her first experience making raw cupcakes with her cell phone, demonstrating the ramekin technique, which is how I started out, too. Not bad for some phone pics.

She later contributed this little chick. So cute!

Since Heathy was busy with Moonie Pie-making, she opted to use her pic of the Rawtess cupcakes she made at the time I first revealed the recipe on my blog. She didn't have an Ellen cutout nearby then, so I added it for her.

Then, I made a moonie pie cupcake, too. Yum!

Anna of Picture It Raw has some impressive artist skills. She illustrated her blueberry topped raw cupcake for Ellen.

And both Michelle and Lori of Pure2Raw joined the quest, too. Lori arrived home from her European trip to these raw cupcakes, made by Michelle. Ellen even stopped by for some pics (something tells me they should upload this to the Ellen site in the "what's wrong with this photo" category, ha ha).

, my blogging buddy Bitt was at it again. She printed out her copy of my raw cupcake e-book and had it made into an actual book.

I later posted a craft that involved printing out the pages, too (Oops, I forgot Ellen. Oh well, she didn't need to be in all of the shots).

TyrahD from Domestic Dharma got a little creative in her raw kitchen, improvising with the ingredients she had on hand, as well as a biscuit cutter in place of the silicone liners.

I had to show a view of the sweet surprise center.

Nelly at From Nelly ... With Love ... (the same Nelly I talked about above; hey, that rhymes) went on a hunt for reusable silicone cupcake liners and look what she found; her liners are a different shape. Doesn't it resemble a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake?

She made more than one. Yum!

And Bitt continued her raw cupcake kick. What's under this chocolate n'icing?

She attempted making a checkerboard cupcake, but ended up making a swirly version. Now that's a tasty mistake. Ellen agreed :-)

And I had to mention Hayden's contribution to the cause, if you can call it that. She didn't want to share.

Maybe she'll share with me today :-)

Again, thanks to everyone who's shared with me so far. Keep sending your raw cupcake creations my way, and I'll continue to post them/link to you. Here's what you need to do:

Just check out the recipes from my raw cupcake e-book, whip them up yourself, take a picture and let me know where I can link to them (I gotta know about it, if you want me to highlight it on my site). Happy unbaking!

BTW, this is an e-book, which saves some trees (unless you decided to do my cut-and-paste project). Please make sure to provide a confirmed e-mail address at the time of purchase, so I can send it to you. Thanks :-)


Also, don't forget about my birthday deal that ends today: The good people at Natural Zing have a birthday special in my honor. All of my readers who purchase $50 or more of raw cupcake-making ingredients (or whatever other products you like; I just thought you'd be on a raw cupcake kick) through Friday, April 30, 2010, will receive a pound of almonds free. Just enter the code: $50ALMONDS_RAWDORABLE in the comment box at check out. Happy birthday or unbirthday to all of you, too!


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