Saturday, July 2, 2011

RAWK THE VOTE with your chance to win, too!

It's official. Living Light's Hot Raw Chef 5 in 5 video recipe contest voting is now open and I can be found in the middle of the contestant page (just like my blogging friend Heather Pace of Sweetly Raw was when she won the runner up award last summer; I hope it brings me the same luck). I'm lucky number 20. Yippie!

If you missed my last post, click here to check out how I got up the nerve to tape, upload and enter myself being, well, myself. There are no fancy props, scripts, editing, ... I didn't even take the time to glam myself up to look like a "hot" raw chef. When it comes to video, this is as "raw" as it gets. It's like being in my everyday kitchen with me, and if you listen closely, you can even hear Hayden yell out "mom" toward the end (it's when I flubbed the required ending lines). Too funny :-)

The decision to make a raw banana split was as simple as it is to make (most of us already have the ingredients on hand; you just have to keep your freezer stocked with frozen bananas). The kids and I enjoy them all the time, especially when the weather is hot outside (believe me, it's been hot here lately). Hayden and I had a craving, so I quickly set up my ingredients and the camera, hit record and made one, as usual (except I don't usually explain what I'm doing to a camera when I whip one up).

Sorry that I didn't get a good closeup in the video of the final product (that's what happens when you tape yourself in one take), but I did manage to snap a picture (seen at the top of this post) before doing the photo shoot of Hayden and I devouring it. I ended up submitting this one of the two of us sharing our frozen dessert, since it was more appealing (I refused to make a separate split just for the pic; I was keeping it real).

Anyway, you're probably wondering how you can win, too. "Just go to Do it now. That's to vote for me, Shannonmarie of Rawdorable" (contestant No. 20). When you do, you'll become "eligible to win a FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class for yourself and a friend, plus a 2-night stay for two at the beautiful and elegant Stanford Inn by the Sea." Pretty cool, huh.

I've voted in the past, but didn't win a prize that big. However, I did score a free ebook full of all the recipes featured in the contest. In my book (that's funny that I typed "in my book" to refer to the free ebook ... or at least I thought it was funny), that's like winning, too, and lucky for you, every voter gets one again this time, as well.

So, don't forget to cast your vote for me today until July 15. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much :-)

BTW, if you need a frozen treat for celebrating the Fourth of July, my Rawdorable 5 in 5 Banana Split is perfect when you replace the raw cocoa powder with blueberries. Yum! And, you can click here for some of my past July 4th ideas. Enjoy!

Oops, I almost forgot; happy birthday dad :-)