Thursday, September 22, 2011

Design a World of Good

Paint a vibrant World of Good

Okay, so I've been slacking off a bit lately with my new obsession. It's called Polyvore (I can't believe I'm so late getting into this; you can tell I'm a newbie), a site where you can layout your own sets like a fashion editor. Hayden and I have been playing with it, as if it's the modern version of those fashion plates I had as a child.

The best part is how I was introduced to the site. World of Good (
"A global marketplace, where every purchase makes a positive impact.") is having a contest, encouraging its customers to lay out their own style sets, using a mini version of Polyvore with specific items available for sale on their site. The winner gets the items in their set (up to $400 worth of merchandise). How's that for an incentive?

I love how this contest shows that being green can be fashionable. Just check out some of the designs Hayden and I came up with together (Hayden was definitely the influence for the pink dress in the Eco-Princess layout). Fingers crossed that we win, although we already feel like winners. The process of entering this contest has been a lot of fun.

Pretty as an eco-princess
All you need is a world of love

Dreaming of an early spring ...

The (Vegan) Bees Knees


I'm a genie in a bottle

If you want to "like" our sets, please do so. We'd really appreciate it (although we've probably broken all of the rules). And, if you want to submit your own, good luck to you, too :-)

BTW, World of Good did not ask me to promote its contest; I just felt like sharing it. Thanks to World of Good for coming up with such a fun way to spend the day.

Also, all of the photos are from World of Good's website. I did not take any of the pics, so I think it is important to give its site credit.