Thursday, September 15, 2011

I like lettuce :-)

Did you hear what I said in our latest video? (This is Hayden, btw; mommy let me do today's post in my own words).

I said, "I like lettuce," and I sure do. Mommy tells me that not all kids like it as much as I do, so I made up a recipe to change that. It's my NB&J Salad, as in my nut butter and jelly salad (I know it sounds weird, but think of it as a kid-friendly sandwich without the bread ... and then there's the lettuce!).

Mommy and I videotaped my lunch being made today. You guessed it; I had my NB&J Salad. This time, I didn't get as involved in the food prep, so I wouldn't get my pretty dress all messed up (mommy removed it after getting some shots of me eating it; she doesn't allow me to be naked on this site). Please watch me look cute anyway :-)

If you still want to see this recipe in print, here it is:

Hayden's NB&J Salad
  • Salad greens of your choice
  • Nut butter of your choice
  • Fresh Concord Grape Chia Jelly (see below)
  • Chopped nuts for garnish (whatever that means; I just sprinkle them on top)
Clean your greens (I used romaine today, but I also love a good spring mix, spinach or kale; sometimes mommy puts some purple leaves in to match the jelly) and tear them into bite-sized pieces. Try hard not to eat them all as you go. Instead, place them in a bowl.

Add a big scoop or two of nut butter (I put almond/cashew butter in mine) and some jelly, too. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Just reach in (with clean hands to start) and scrunch it up.

Top with chopped nuts to make it pretty. Then for the best part: eat it!

Concord Grape Chia Jelly
In a personal-size blender, puree a small bunch of fresh concord grapes (mommy says it is special now that they are in season; I like it when she makes this dessert).

Strain the puree into a small bowl to remove any pieces and seeds. Mix in some finely ground chia seeds (mommy said something about 1 Tbsp. per 1/4 cup of juice, or something like that) and allow to set in the fridge until it gels (about an hour or so).

You may want to add a tiny squeeze of lemon juice (I love lemon) to preserve its freshness.

*Note from mommy: Make this jelly in small batches as it is made with fresh raw juice. I don't advise keeping it for long; it gets eaten up fast around here anyway.

Stay tuned for mommy's next post (probably early next week) when she gives her full review of the 100% Pure skincare products she received. Psst ... I think she likes them :-)